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Short Answer Questions

1. In a panel with a lot of action, such as the one on page 95, each figure is arranged sequentially and the audience will read them left to right. This could be argued as fitting the definition of _______.

2. Who was the first artist to present specific motions in a panel-to-panel form?

3. Which country's artists widely adopted photographic trickery such as blurring and streaking soon after its inception?

4. What invention had a significant effect on comics?

5. How does McCloud loosely define cartooning?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to McCloud, why is closure important?

2. In the panel with the basketball players, how could you add words while depicting one single moment?

3. Describe the author's first impressions of comics as a child.

4. What is a Japanese technique usied in cartooning?

5. What is the difference between the art form ("medium") and the content?

6. Describe what cartooning style is.

7. Is a single image equivalent to a single instant in time?

8. How do people commit closure in electronic media such as a a film?

9. According to McCloud, everything that people experience in life can be separated into which two realms?

10. What is McCloud's explanation for why the human mind has little difficulty converting shapes and images into faces?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author notes that comics are not the hybrid of graphics and words. What do you think of this statement? Are comics their own entity? Or do they tend to fall into one category more than the other? Explain your answer

Essay Topic 2

McCloud argues children are fascinated by the simplicity and universal identification of cartoons and that these characteristics allow the viewer to step inside the cartoon universe. Do you agree that by simplifying the drawing style, one allows the viewer to see the message more clearly? Explain your perspective using examples.

Essay Topic 3

The invention of printing played a significant role in the history and the world of comics (and the written word). Think of another invention that had a significant impact. What were the effects? Did it solve a problem or enable further development? Where would we be without the invention? Be specific and select a physical invention - do not use "technology" or other broad concepts.

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