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Short Answer Questions

1. What invention had a significant effect on comics?

2. What type of magazine kept comics alive before the 20th century?

3. What was the title of the sequel to "A Harlot's Progress?"

4. What is a powerful force that happens between the panels that allows viewers to use their imagination?

5. What genre cannot exist in comics?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to McCloud, are comics a hybrid of graphic arts and prose fiction?

2. How are faces and figures typically drawn in comics? What about backgrounds and landscapes?

3. What is the difference between closure of electronic media and closure in comics?

4. Describe what cartooning style is.

5. How could an artist lengthen a pause in the conversation between two characters?

6. What is McCloud's explanation for why the human mind has little difficulty converting shapes and images into faces?

7. According to McCloud, everything that people experience in life can be separated into which two realms?

8. Does McCloud think that non-sequitur transitions are possible?

9. How is the Egyptian painting referenced in the book considered a comic?

10. According to McCloud, why is closure important?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Scott McCloud used to have a poor impression of comics. When he was older, his friend convinced him to give comics another chance and he was hooked. Think about something you once hated, but not loved (or loved and now hate). Describe your previous and current impressions. What possible explanations can you think of for the change of heart? Was your first impression based off incorrect or partial knowledge? Did you change as a person?

Essay Topic 2

McCloud explains how you introduce time in comics by way of the depiction of time and the perception of time. Compare and contrast the two strategies. Does a preponderance of one or the other affect the end outcome?

Essay Topic 3

Art can be thought of as any human activity that doesn't grow out of either basic instinct of survival and reproduction. Do you think this is a good definition of art? Can you think of how art could be motivated by survival or reproduction?

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