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Short Answer Questions

1. In comics, words represent that which can only exist in time, _______.

2. Who is the 44th comic artist listed in the triangle?

3. Closure in comics fosters an intimacy between ________________________.

4. Who was the woodcut artist known for his silent "Woodcut Novels" of fables?

5. Pictures are ______ information. Writing is _______ information.

Short Essay Questions

1. How can an artist depict time in comics?

2. How do words introduce time into a single frame?

3. In the panel with the basketball players, how could you add words while depicting one single moment?

4. Does McCloud think that non-sequitur transitions are possible?

5. Why is "juxtaposed static images in deliberate sequence" not a thorough definition of comics?

6. What is the difference between closure of electronic media and closure in comics?

7. For what do Japanese mainstream comics use aspect-to-aspect transitions?

8. How do Japanese comics physically differ from Western comics?

9. How is the Egyptian painting referenced in the book considered a comic?

10. What is the difference between the art form ("medium") and the content?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author notes that comics are not the hybrid of graphics and words. What do you think of this statement? Are comics their own entity? Or do they tend to fall into one category more than the other? Explain your answer

Essay Topic 2

McCloud explains how you introduce time in comics by way of the depiction of time and the perception of time. Compare and contrast the two strategies. Does a preponderance of one or the other affect the end outcome?

Essay Topic 3

Scott McCloud used to have a poor impression of comics. When he was older, his friend convinced him to give comics another chance and he was hooked. Think about something you once hated, but not loved (or loved and now hate). Describe your previous and current impressions. What possible explanations can you think of for the change of heart? Was your first impression based off incorrect or partial knowledge? Did you change as a person?

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