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Short Answer Questions

1. What is a powerful force that happens between the panels that allows viewers to use their imagination?

2. What is an example of comics that is not referred to as comics?

3. Comic readers are conditioned by real life and other media to expect a _______ progression in comics.

4. When reading comics, how many senses are used between panels?

5. Which of the following point in time of the panel is represented by where your eyes are focused?

Short Essay Questions

1. For what do Japanese mainstream comics use aspect-to-aspect transitions?

2. How is the screenfold of 8-Deer "Tiger's Claw" considered a comic?

3. What is a Japanese technique usied in cartooning?

4. Why is "juxtaposed static images in deliberate sequence" not a thorough definition of comics?

5. Does McCloud think single panels should be considered comic art?

6. Describe the author's first impressions of comics as a child.

7. What are different ways to portray motion within panels?

8. Describe what cartooning style is.

9. Why does the author introduce the Margritte painting, "The Treachery of Images"?

10. What is the difference between the art form ("medium") and the content?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

McCloud states that "to kill a man between panels is to condemn him to a thousand deaths." What does he mean by this statement? What is the reader's involvement in the space between panels, the gutter?

Essay Topic 2

Art can be thought of as any human activity that doesn't grow out of either basic instinct of survival and reproduction. How do you define art? According to this definition, what are examples of what is and isn't art?

Essay Topic 3

McCloud argues children are fascinated by the simplicity and universal identification of cartoons and that these characteristics allow the viewer to step inside the cartoon universe. Do you agree that by simplifying the drawing style, one allows the viewer to see the message more clearly? Explain your perspective using examples.

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