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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The pursuit of truth can be seen as the foundation of which of the following?
(a) Science
(b) All of these
(c) Philosophy
(d) Language

2. Who drew Dick Tracy?
(a) Chester Gould
(b) R. Crumb
(c) Carl Bark
(d) Krystine Kryttre

3. Which of the following contributed to the shift in resemblance towards meaning in art?
(a) All of the these
(b) Expressionism
(c) Futurism
(d) Dada

4. What did Eisner call a desperation device?
(a) Aspect-to-aspect
(b) Motion line
(c) Sound effects
(d) Word balloon

5. Which artist incorporated neurotic quill-lines into his/her work?
(a) R. Crumb
(b) Carl Bark
(c) Krystine Kryttre
(d) Chester Gould

6. What step constructs the work by applying skills, practical knowledge, invention, and problem-solving?
(a) Structure
(b) Idiom
(c) Form
(d) Craft

7. Which of the following activity does not grow out of basic human instincts?
(a) reproduction
(b) fight or flight
(c) survival
(d) art

8. Whose artwork incorporated mad lines to create crazy toddler?
(a) Carl Bark
(b) R. Crumb
(c) Krystine Kryttre
(d) Chester Gould

9. What Scottish physicist isolated the three additive primaries?
(a) Sir James Clerk
(b) Alexander Graham Bell
(c) Lord Kelvin
(d) Louis Ducos Du Hauron

10. Who was the creator of Uncle $crooge?
(a) Carl Park
(b) Chester Gould
(c) Krystine Kryttre
(d) R. Crumb

11. The bold lines, obtuse angles and heavy blacks in Dick Tracy were meant to suggest a _________ of adults.
(a) grim, deadly attitude
(b) bleak, neutral attitude
(c) optimistic, dramatic attitude
(d) profitable, kind attitude

12. Words and pictures have historically been thought of as base or simplistic. As a result of this mindset, current works of words and pictures have been base and simplistic. This is an example of what psychological phenomenon?
(a) Confirmation bias
(b) Ecological fallacy
(c) Self-fulfilling prophecy
(d) Learned helplessness

13. When readers discover comics for the first time, comics act as as an ___________ between storyteller and audience.
(a) instigator
(b) intermediary
(c) barrier
(d) interpreter

14. Aside from the central figure in an image, where else can emotion be depicted?
(a) Background
(b) Silent caption
(c) Gutters
(d) Foreground

15. What drawing style did Jooste Swarte use to depict cool sophistication and irony?
(a) Large gutters and thin uneven lines
(b) Thick black lines
(c) Crisp elegant lines and jazzy designs
(d) Polite jagged lines

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the concept of uniting different art forms associated with different senses?

2. Which of the following is NOT an additive primary?

3. Whose uneven lines pantomimed the inner struggles of modern life?

4. What step puts it all together - edits the work for content, arrangement and composition?

5. Who came up with the first symbols to record certain commodities?

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