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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Living in Line.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pictures are ______ information. Writing is _______ information.
(a) received; received
(b) perceived; received
(c) received; perceived
(d) perceived; perceived

2. When does the author begin practicing to be a comics artist?
(a) In tenth grade
(b) During his first office job
(c) Since he could pick up a pencil
(d) After his dog dies

3. What is the phenomenon of observing the parts but perceiving the whole?
(a) Dementia
(b) Fragmentation
(c) Closure
(d) Gestalt

4. Who said, "Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible?"
(a) Richard Wagner
(b) Wassily Kandinsky
(c) French poet Baudelaire
(d) Paul Klee

5. What techniques can be used to create timelessness?
(a) Silent panel with no clues as to duration
(b) A borderless panel
(c) Bleeding a panel
(d) All of the above

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the first artist to present specific motions in a panel-to-panel form?

2. How are Egyptian paintings read?

3. Using the example of driving to illustrate non-visual awareness, what is the likely response of the driver of the vehicle being struck if one car hits another?

4. Whose artwork incorporated mad lines to create crazy toddler?

5. Due to the negative connotation of the word "comics," many comics artists have preferred to be known as ________________________.

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