Understanding Comics Character Descriptions

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Scott McCloud

A comics creator/artist/writer who believes comics are a medium for art expression.

Comics Readers

These characters have the potential to control the debate as to the definition of comics.

Will Eisner

A master comics artist, he is credited with coining the term, "sequential art," as an accurate way to describe comics as a medium.

Rodolphe Töpffer

This character is considered the "father of modern comics" and known for his light satiric picture stories.

Jack Kirby

Author of the Fantastic Four comics and often regarded as a modern comics master this artist has had a positive influence on coloring style.

William Hogarth

An artist who created a sequential picture-story but is not generally considered a comics artist.

Hergés Tintin

A Belgian artist known for a "clear-line" style, which combines very iconic characters with unusually realistic backgrounds.

Thomas Edison

A famous inventor credited with...

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