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Jay Haley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Erickson claims that when a husband and wife where _____ of each other, it was best to see them together.
(a) Loving.
(b) Suspicious.
(c) Neglectful.
(d) Insecure.

2. Haley writes in Chapter 8 that the most destructive parents are not those who treat their children badly but those who are what?
(a) Insensitive.
(b) Overprotective.
(c) Manipulative.
(d) Alcoholic.

3. In one case in Chapter 7, Erickson deals with a woman who feels what sensation in the bedroom?
(a) Desperate.
(b) Choking.
(c) Weeping.
(d) Tingling.

4. Haley begins Chapter 8 by explaining that the way therapy is conducted has progressed in a leap and that ____ signifies the change from recognizing that problems within a family are just that.
(a) Freud.
(b) Erickson.
(c) Mesmer.
(d) Jung.

5. Haley states in Chapter 8 that great dramas are enacted when the dynamic between the parents has grown ______ in any way on their relationships with the offspring.
(a) Despairing.
(b) Detached.
(c) Dependent.
(d) Despondent.

6. The elderly man in Chapter 9 is first roused from nearly a full year in bed by being _______ by his therapist.
(a) Offered food.
(b) Verbally tormented.
(c) Praised.
(d) Whispered to.

7. Erickson is _____ if a husband goes so far as to show up to set the therapist straight on some ways that the therapist has been wrong.
(a) Upset.
(b) Content.
(c) Angry.
(d) Discontent.

8. Erickson cites examples of a couple that ceased to have an alcohol problem when they did what on weekends?
(a) Went driving.
(b) Went to restaurants.
(c) Went camping.
(d) Went shopping.

9. Erickson allowed previous patients to visit him of their own accord, on a _____ level.
(a) Social.
(b) Prescribed.
(c) Medical.
(d) Follow-up.

10. Chapter 7 includes examples of when one partner's ______ behavior has disturbed the sexual life of the couple.
(a) Creative.
(b) Controlling.
(c) Coercive.
(d) Abusive.

11. The first example Haley gives in Chapter 9 involves a man with an intense fear of what?
(a) Friendship.
(b) Women.
(c) Heights.
(d) Elevators.

12. Erickson worked to encourage a girl in Chapter 8 to voice her criticisms of her mother and re-work her perception of her father's behaviors, which included some incorrect perceptions regarding the parents' _______ .
(a) Dominance.
(b) Sexual difficulties.
(c) Hospitalization.
(d) Overbearing-ness.

13. One extreme example of dependency in Chapter 8 is when a young woman goes off to college and her parents build an addition to the house so she can live there while she is an adult, including when?
(a) After they've died.
(b) After college.
(c) After she's disowned them.
(d) After marriage.

14. Who is the patient Mesmer took in Chapter 8?
(a) Miss Paradis.
(b) Miss Sarah.
(c) Miss Chatworth.
(d) Miss Duonet.

15. The case study in Chapter 8 of the girl with body issues concludes showing this young woman succeeds in marrying but not without a conflict about whether to do what regarding her mother?
(a) Invite her to the wedding.
(b) Speak to her again.
(c) Introduce her to her husband.
(d) Allow her to see her grandchildren.

Short Answer Questions

1. In cases where only the wife comes in, the husband has often implied that the therapist is having some kind of relationship with his wife, therefore _____ the relationship.

2. It stated in Chapter 7 that Erickson recognized that normally the problem was indicative not only of a trouble with _____ but also in social conditions and other influences.

3. The case study in Chapter 8 involving the girl with body issues follows the therapist's instructions to for the daughter to insist upon ______ from the mother as the condition for the presence.

4. Erickson gently refuses to help the man who had the stroke again in Chapter 9, claiming that even though it worked before, her husband is probably _____for his therapy to be effective.

5. There are numerous cases referred to in Chapter 6. One is about a sore that festered for how long?

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