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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Juror Eight accused by an angry juror after others begin to change their votes in Act II?
(a) Of being a "bleeding heart" trying to spare a ghetto kid.
(b) Of bullying.
(c) Of trying to be a lawyer.
(d) Of defending wrongdoers.

2. What does Juror Eight explain to the juror who asks who killed the man if it was not the defendant?
(a) That he can raise that question after they have decided on this defendant.
(b) That he doesn't understand how juries work.
(c) That he did not listen carefully to the judge's instructions.
(d) That this jury's job is to decide whether this defendant is guilty, not to consider any other suspect.

3. How does Juror Eight get the others to realize that the defendant might not have killed his father although he said "I'm gonna kill you"?
(a) He says that many people say things they don't really mean.
(b) He says the defendant might just have been angry.
(c) He says the defendant might have been provoked by his father.
(d) He asks them to consider how many times they have said similar words with no intention to kill.

4. What does this experience among the jurors demonstrate about group behavior?
(a) In a group, some members have the power to influence others.
(b) The most powerful member influences others.
(c) The most vocal member influences others.
(d) The members tend to split into subgroups.

5. Which two jurors are moved by the discovery about the timing involved in the old man's story?
(a) Juror Two and Six.
(b) The foreman and Juror Six.
(c) Jurors Ten and Twelve.
(d) The foreman and Juror Four.

Short Answer Questions

1. What source of information from the trial do the jurors use to help them estimate the time of the events surrounding the murder?

2. After getting a more accurate timing of the events described by the old man, what do the jurors realize?

3. Why does the writer allow one of the jurors to threaten that he will kill another?

4. What literary device is used by the writer to create a high level of interest in the play by presenting the strongly contending views of the jurors?

5. What important shift in the attitude of many jurors takes place during the debates in Act II about the case?

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