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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Based on the developments of Act II, what are the jurors on their way to proving?
(a) That they discussed the case thoroughly.
(b) That they can prove someone else committed the murder.
(c) That there is reasonable doubt about the defendant's guilt.
(d) That they all agree.

2. What two reasons cause a juror to believe there is reasonable doubt about the defendant's guilt after adding doubts about the old man's testimony to earlier discussions about the murder?
(a) The realization that the woman wears glasses and she saw the murder through the train.
(b) The fact that a similar weapon was easily available and that the old man might have been lying.
(c) The arguments of Juror Eight and Juror Nine.
(d) The fact that the old man was hearing impaired and wore glasses.

3. Which juror is adamant that he will not see the defendant set free?
(a) Juror Ten.
(b) Juror Three.
(c) The foreman.
(d) Juror Six.

4. How does Juror Eight's participation in the altercation with Juror Three differ from his usual approach?
(a) It shows he is capable of violence.
(b) It shows he hates Juror Three.
(c) It shows he has a temper, too.
(d) It shows he is capable of anger in spite of his usual sober analysis.

5. Which juror admits to having changed his vote?
(a) Juror Eleven.
(b) Juror Five.
(c) Juror Ten.
(d) Juror Nine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Juror Eight mean when he calls another juror a sadist?

2. How does Juror Eight capitalize on the error made by Juror Three in threatening to kill him?

3. What does Juror Nine observe about the old man witness, which leads to his insights about his life?

4. How does Juror Eight get the others to realize that the defendant might not have killed his father although he said "I'm gonna kill you"?

5. Which juror is an immigrant to the United States?

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