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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the dissenting juror discredit the allegation that the murder weapon is unique?
(a) He presents an identical weapon taken from his own pocket.
(b) He reads an article stating that there are hundreds of similar weapons for sale in the community.
(c) He says he has used a similar weapon for hunting.
(d) He shows pictures of several similar weapons.

2. Why is the murder weapon jammed into the wall?
(a) Because the juror who jams it there is angry.
(b) Because the foreman does not want it handled.
(c) So everyone can see how unusual it is.
(d) Because the table is cluttered.

3. Which juror is adamant that he will not see the defendant set free?
(a) The foreman.
(b) Juror Three.
(c) Juror Ten.
(d) Juror Six.

4. What two types of prejudice are evident in the comments of some of the jurors during Act 1?
(a) Prejudice against foreigners and class prejudice.
(b) Prejudice against the poor and prejudice against the uneducated.
(c) Color prejudice and racial prejudice.
(d) Prejudice against some ethnic groups and prejudice against people from certain areas.

5. Who are the last two jurors to leave the jury room?
(a) Jurors Five and Eight.
(b) Jurors Eight and Nine.
(c) Jurors Three and Eight.
(d) The foreman and Juror Eight.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the acting out of the old man's movements from his bed to the door, which juror plays the role of the old man?

2. To what age group does the defendant belong?

3. What new perspective does Juror Four point out as soon as they begin deliberating again in Act III?

4. What do the attempts of the jurors in Act III to confirm the time of the actual murder prove?

5. In what process does the defendant ask questions of the prosecution's witnesses?

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