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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. State two ways in which the group tries to ensure conformity to the majority view.
(a) By bullying and ignoring those with dissenting views.
(b) By presenting sound reasons and persuading those with dissenting views.
(c) By ridiculing and attacking those with dissenting views.
(d) By referring to details in the evidence and citing the judge's instructions.

2. What important shift in the attitude of many jurors takes place during the debates in Act II about the case?
(a) They become calmer and participate less in the discussion.
(b) They become more sober and thoughtful in discussing the issues.
(c) They withdraw and consider their own feelings.
(d) They are more agitated because so much time is passing.

3. How does Juror Eight get the others to realize that the defendant might not have killed his father although he said "I'm gonna kill you"?
(a) He says the defendant might have been provoked by his father.
(b) He says that many people say things they don't really mean.
(c) He asks them to consider how many times they have said similar words with no intention to kill.
(d) He says the defendant might just have been angry.

4. Why is the murder weapon jammed into the wall?
(a) Because the juror who jams it there is angry.
(b) Because the foreman does not want it handled.
(c) So everyone can see how unusual it is.
(d) Because the table is cluttered.

5. What is the main outcome of this discussion about the words spoken by the defendant?
(a) Juror Three changes his vote to "not guilty".
(b) Juror Five changes his vote to "not guilty".
(c) Juror Three gets into a rage and accuses the others of defending a criminal.
(d) Juror Nine changes his vote back to "guilty".

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting in which the reader first meets the twelve characters who give the play its name?

2. What principle is supposed to guide the composition of a jury in relation to the defendant?

3. What important information casts doubts on the eyewitness' story in the first discussion of the evidence?

4. What is the difference in height between the defendant and the victim?

5. Apart from the defendant, who was arrested for handling a weapon?

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