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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of the vote taken by the jurors at the beginning of Act III?
(a) Ten "guilty"; two "not guilty".
(b) Eight "guilty"; four "not guilty".
(c) Six "guilty"; six "not guilty".
(d) Seven "guilty"; five "not guilty".

2. According to one witness, where in the apartment building did the murder occur?
(a) Upstairs.
(b) On the landing.
(c) On the staircase.
(d) Downstairs.

3. As the jurors analyze the evidence and arguments more closely, it becomes evident that the dissenting voter is playing a critical role as an agent of change. Which of the following words best describes this role?
(a) Radical.
(b) Rebel.
(c) Catalyst.
(d) Revolutionary.

4. State two ways in which the group tries to ensure conformity to the majority view.
(a) By bullying and ignoring those with dissenting views.
(b) By ridiculing and attacking those with dissenting views.
(c) By presenting sound reasons and persuading those with dissenting views.
(d) By referring to details in the evidence and citing the judge's instructions.

5. On what simple fact does the entire case ultimately hang?
(a) The fact that the witness sees the murder through a passing train.
(b) The fact that the murder weapon is not as unusual as the testimony suggested.
(c) The fact that the alleged eyewitness has impaired vision.
(d) The fact that the defendant is shorter than the victim.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the jurors take a vote before discussing the evidence?

2. How does the timing described in the old man's testimony affect the jurors' analysis?

3. Apart from the defendant, who was arrested for handling a weapon?

4. Which of the following is most likely to have been a major lesson that the writer intended readers to derive from the play?

5. At what time is the murder alleged to have occurred?

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