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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the behavior of most of the jurors demonstrate about the decisions reached by juries?
(a) They might be affected by factors that have nothing to do with the evidence.
(b) They only reach verdicts after protracted arguments and conflict.
(c) If at least one juror is reliable, the others can be influenced.
(d) They are always reliable.

2. In the acting out of the old man's movements from his bed to the door, which juror plays the role of the old man?
(a) The foreman.
(b) Juror Nine.
(c) Juror Eight.
(d) Juror Five.

3. Who is the antagonist in the play?
(a) The defendant.
(b) Juror Three.
(c) The defense attorney.
(d) Juror Eight.

4. What doesJuror Eight suggest to explain why the old man might not actually have seen the defendant running down the stairs?
(a) The lighting is poor.
(b) The trees around the building would have created shadows.
(c) The old man's vision is poor.
(d) The old man might have been confused in the darkness.

5. In the altercation between two jurors, what words used by Juror Three shed light on the earlier discussion about whether people always mean what they say in anger?
(a) "Let me just get my hands on him!"
(b) "I'll kill him!" I'll kill him!"
(c) "Touch me and I'll kill you!"
(d) "That's it! I'll kill you!"

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of leader is the foreman of the jury?

2. What is the result of the vote taken early in Act III about the process in which the jurors are engaged?

3. What is the reason for Juror Two's doubts about the wound?

4. At what time is the murder alleged to have occurred?

5. How does Juror Eight's participation in the altercation with Juror Three differ from his usual approach?

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