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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the prosecution help to establish for the jury that the eyewitness was in a position to see the murder?
(a) They show a videotape illustrating how the murder could have been seen.
(b) They present other witnesses who say the same thing.
(c) They provide pictures of the apartment and the surroundings.
(d) The jury is taken to the home of the eyewitness to observe the conditions under which the murder was witnessed.

2. How many days has the trial been going on when the jurors begin their deliberations?
(a) Five days.
(b) Seven days.
(c) Six days.
(d) Three days.

3. Based on the impact of their testimony on the jury, who are the two most important witnesses?
(a) The policeman and the doctor.
(b) A young boy next door and his mother.
(c) An old man across the street and a woman downstairs.
(d) An old man who lives in the victim's apartment and a woman who lives across the street.

4. How old was the defendant when he lost his mother?
(a) Six years old.
(b) Thirteen years old.
(c) Nine years old.
(d) Eleven years old.

5. Of what is Juror Eight accused by an angry juror after others begin to change their votes in Act II?
(a) Of being a "bleeding heart" trying to spare a ghetto kid.
(b) Of defending wrongdoers.
(c) Of bullying.
(d) Of trying to be a lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which two jurors are moved by the discovery that the old man would have taken longer than he said to move from his bed to the door after hearing the noise upstairs?

2. What does Juror Eight mean when he calls another juror a sadist?

3. In the altercation between two jurors, what words used by Juror Three shed light on the earlier discussion about whether people always mean what they say in anger?

4. According to the old man witness, where was he when he heard the argument between the defendant and his father?

5. What is the outcome of the "different" vote suggested by the dissenting voter?

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