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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What important information casts doubts on the eyewitness' story in the first discussion of the evidence?
(a) The eyewitness is old with impaired vision.
(b) The eyewitness wears glasses.
(c) The eyewitness has to walk a long way to the door after hearing the body fall.
(d) The eyewitness claims to have seen the murder through the windows of a passing elevated train.

2. In the altercation between two jurors, what words used by Juror Three shed light on the earlier discussion about whether people always mean what they say in anger?
(a) "That's it! I'll kill you!"
(b) "Touch me and I'll kill you!"
(c) "Let me just get my hands on him!"
(d) "I'll kill him!" I'll kill him!"

3. How does Juror Four challenge the defendant's alibi?
(a) The defendant can give no details about what he claims to have been doing.
(b) Noone saw the defendant.
(c) The defendant cannot name the friend he was with.
(d) The ticket collector at the game does not remember the defendent

4. Why does a juror change his vote after the discussion in Act II about the defendant's words?
(a) Juror Eight proves that people often say things they don't mean.
(b) He is from the ghetto and believes the defendant has been the victim of prejudice.
(c) He believes the whole jury is going to change.
(d) He says there is now reasonable doubt.

5. What does Juror Eight mean when he calls another juror a sadist?
(a) That he is dishonest.
(b) That he is a foreigner.
(c) That he is prejudiced.
(d) That he enjoys seeing someone else suffer.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to one witness, where in the apartment building did the murder occur?

2. What does Juror Ten point out about an eyewitness to the murder?

3. Which juror rebukes Juror Ten for his racist comment?

4. What principle is supposed to guide the composition of a jury in relation to the defendant?

5. In what way is the vote suggested by the dissenting voter different from the previous vote?

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