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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which juror admits to having changed his vote?
(a) Juror Eleven.
(b) Juror Nine.
(c) Juror Five.
(d) Juror Ten.

2. Which juror says he would change his vote if he could find one reason to make him question the defendant's guilt?
(a) Juror Two.
(b) Juror Ten.
(c) Juror Four.
(d) Juror Seven.

3. Who is the defendant and for what is he being tried?
(a) A boy is being tried for the murder of a man downstairs.
(b) A man is being tried for the murder of the woman next door.
(c) A man is being tried for the murder of his son.
(d) A young man is being tried for the murder of his father.

4. What does Juror Eight mean when he calls another juror a sadist?
(a) That he is prejudiced.
(b) That he is a foreigner.
(c) That he enjoys seeing someone else suffer.
(d) That he is dishonest.

5. Which juror shares the experience of living near the track of an el train?
(a) Juror Ten.
(b) Juror Seven.
(c) Juror Eight.
(d) Juror Two.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the outcome of the "different" vote suggested by the dissenting voter?

2. How does Juror Eight capitalize on the error made by Juror Three in threatening to kill him?

3. To what age group does the defendant belong?

4. At what time of year does the jury in Twelve Angry Men meet to hear testimony and determine a verdict?

5. Why does a juror change his vote after the discussion in Act II about the defendant's words?

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