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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Juror Eight capitalize on the error made by Juror Three in threatening to kill him?
(a) He asks Juror Three if he would really kill him.
(b) He asks Juror Three whether he really means that.
(c) He asks the other jurors if they think that Juror Three would really kill him.
(d) He tells the other jurors "See? He said what he didn't mean."

2. Which two jurors are moved by the discovery that the old man would have taken longer than he said to move from his bed to the door after hearing the noise upstairs?
(a) Jurors Ten and Twelve.
(b) The foreman and Juror Four.
(c) Jurors Two and Six.
(d) The foreman and Juror Six.

3. What comment by Juror Ten reveals his prejudice?
(a) He has lived among people "like the defendant" and they cannot be trusted.
(b) He dislikes all people who are not of his racial background.
(c) He dislikes all Caucasians.
(d) He dislikes all foreigners.

4. What important shift in the attitude of many jurors takes place during the debates in Act II about the case?
(a) They are more agitated because so much time is passing.
(b) They become calmer and participate less in the discussion.
(c) They withdraw and consider their own feelings.
(d) They become more sober and thoughtful in discussing the issues.

5. How does Juror Nine justify his insights about the old man?
(a) He explains that old people who are tired of being insignificant often convince themselves to believe what is not true.
(b) He explains that old people who are tired of being insignificant often tell lies.
(c) He explains that old people get lonely and make up stories.
(d) He explains that loneliness and loss of family cause old people to imagine things.

Short Answer Questions

1. After eleven jurors vote "guilty" and one juror votes "not guilty", what process do the jurors decide on in order to resolve the matter?

2. After getting a more accurate timing of the events described by the old man, what do the jurors realize?

3. Why does Juror Eight question the witness' assertion that he heard the defendant say "I'm gonna kill you"?

4. How many days has the trial been going on when the jurors begin their deliberations?

5. What is "the burden of proof"?

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