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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Juror Three convey to the jurors by his insistence of the defendant's guilt?
(a) That he has personal feelings against the defendant.
(b) That he has had a family member killed.
(c) That he has personal feelings against the other jurors.
(d) That no amount of evidence is likely to make him change his mind.

2. What is the reaction of the jury when the dissenting juror discredits the allegation that the weapon is unique?
(a) They begin to fight him.
(b) They are enlightened.
(c) They are astonished and one says that it is illegal to purchase such things.
(d) They claim he is a criminal just like the defendant.

3. According to the juror who used to live by the el train, how long would the train take to pass a particular point?
(a) About 10 seconds.
(b) About 15 seconds.
(c) About 5 seconds.
(d) About 20 seconds.

4. Of what is Juror Eight accused by an angry juror after others begin to change their votes in Act II?
(a) Of defending wrongdoers.
(b) Of trying to be a lawyer.
(c) Of bullying.
(d) Of being a "bleeding heart" trying to spare a ghetto kid.

5. What is the main outcome of this discussion about the words spoken by the defendant?
(a) Juror Three gets into a rage and accuses the others of defending a criminal.
(b) Juror Three changes his vote to "not guilty".
(c) Juror Five changes his vote to "not guilty".
(d) Juror Nine changes his vote back to "guilty".

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the verdict from the second vote among jurors prove?

2. Why does the writer allow one of the jurors to threaten that he will kill another?

3. Which juror accuses the juror who is adamant that he will not see the defendant set free of wanting to be the defendant's executioner?

4. What reason does the juror who changes his mind give for doing so?

5. Where does the old man who testifies for the prosecution live?

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