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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the murder weapon jammed into the wall?
(a) Because the foreman does not want it handled.
(b) So everyone can see how unusual it is.
(c) Because the table is cluttered.
(d) Because the juror who jams it there is angry.

2. Which of the jurors comment that they all had difficult lives, so a difficult life should not explain the defendant's history of violence?
(a) 4, 7, 3 and 11.
(b) 6,7,1 and 3.
(c) 3, 6, 9 and 12.
(d) 3, 4, 11 and 12.

3. According to the old man witness, where was he when he heard the argument between the defendant and his father?
(a) On the landing.
(b) In his bed.
(c) In his kitchen.
(d) In his bathroom.

4. Which two jurors are moved by the discovery about the timing involved in the old man's story?
(a) The foreman and Juror Six.
(b) Jurors Ten and Twelve.
(c) The foreman and Juror Four.
(d) Juror Two and Six.

5. As the jurors discuss "reasonable doubt", why does Juror Nine become more and more uneasy?
(a) Because he is anxious to leave.
(b) Because he realizes he might have voted incorrectly.
(c) Because of the conflict and tension among the jurors.
(d) Because he sees the importance of thorough deliberations, and most of the jurors are in a hurry.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the beginning of the deliberations, how do most of the jurors demonstrate a lack of seriousness about their role as jurors?

2. What source of information from the trial do the jurors use to help them estimate the time of the events surrounding the murder?

3. How does Juror Eight get the others to realize that the defendant might not have killed his father although he said "I'm gonna kill you"?

4. According to the discussion, what kind of relationship exists between the victim and the defendant?

5. How does the progress of the discussion in Act II affect the behavior of the group of jurors?

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