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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Juror Four challenge the defendant's alibi?
(a) The defendant cannot name the friend he was with.
(b) The ticket collector at the game does not remember the defendent
(c) The defendant can give no details about what he claims to have been doing.
(d) Noone saw the defendant.

2. What does Juror Eight mean when he calls another juror a sadist?
(a) That he is prejudiced.
(b) That he enjoys seeing someone else suffer.
(c) That he is a foreigner.
(d) That he is dishonest.

3. According to the defendant, why did he buy the alleged murder weapon?
(a) To give it as a present to his friend.
(b) Because he lost the one he had before.
(c) Because the one he had before was stolen.
(d) Because his father beat him.

4. Why is the murder weapon jammed into the wall?
(a) So everyone can see how unusual it is.
(b) Because the juror who jams it there is angry.
(c) Because the table is cluttered.
(d) Because the foreman does not want it handled.

5. According to one witness, where in the apartment building did the murder occur?
(a) On the landing.
(b) On the staircase.
(c) Downstairs.
(d) Upstairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What literary device is used by the writer when he allows Juror Three to prove something to the jurors that is exactly opposite to what he would have wanted?

2. Who jams the murder weapon into the wall?

3. Why does a juror change his vote after the discussion in Act II about the defendant's words?

4. Why is the decision making process conducted by a group more complex than one that is made by just an individual?

5. How does Juror Eight's participation in the altercation with Juror Three differ from his usual approach?

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