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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Juror Seven provide about the history of the defendant?
(a) He has been to prison before.
(b) He has been convicted of stealing cars.
(c) He has stolen a car, been convicted of mugging and stabbed someone in the arm.
(d) He has been charged with murder before.

2. What does the behavior of most of the jurors demonstrate about the decisions reached by juries?
(a) They are always reliable.
(b) If at least one juror is reliable, the others can be influenced.
(c) They only reach verdicts after protracted arguments and conflict.
(d) They might be affected by factors that have nothing to do with the evidence.

3. Why does a juror change his vote after the discussion in Act II about the defendant's words?
(a) He is from the ghetto and believes the defendant has been the victim of prejudice.
(b) He believes the whole jury is going to change.
(c) Juror Eight proves that people often say things they don't mean.
(d) He says there is now reasonable doubt.

4. Before the jurors depart for the jury room, who gives them final instructions?
(a) The foreman.
(b) The defense.
(c) The judge.
(d) The prosecution.

5. How much influence does the foreman have on the other jurors in this case?
(a) He hardly speaks.
(b) A great deal of influence.
(c) He has little influence.
(d) He changes the course of the discussion at different stages.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Juror Nine justify his insights about the old man?

2. How does Juror Eight's participation in the altercation with Juror Three differ from his usual approach?

3. After eleven jurors vote "guilty" and one juror votes "not guilty", what process do the jurors decide on in order to resolve the matter?

4. What does Juror Eight explain to the juror who asks who killed the man if it was not the defendant?

5. How does the dissenting juror discredit the allegation that the murder weapon is unique?

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