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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act I.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was the alleged eyewitness awake at the time of the murder?
(a) It was too hot to sleep.
(b) It was a stormy night.
(c) It was noisy because of the train.
(d) It was cold.

2. Who is the defendant and for what is he being tried?
(a) A boy is being tried for the murder of a man downstairs.
(b) A young man is being tried for the murder of his father.
(c) A man is being tried for the murder of his son.
(d) A man is being tried for the murder of the woman next door.

3. What sentence must the defendant face if proven guilty?
(a) The death penalty.
(b) Life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.
(c) At least thirty years imprisonment.
(d) Life imprisonment without possibility of parole.

4. What comment by Juror Ten reveals his prejudice?
(a) He dislikes all people who are not of his racial background.
(b) He dislikes all foreigners.
(c) He has lived among people "like the defendant" and they cannot be trusted.
(d) He dislikes all Caucasians.

5. What is "the burden of proof"?
(a) The principle stating the defendant does not have to prove anything but the prosecution must prove guilt.
(b) The responsibility of the judge in proving guilt or innocence.
(c) The responsibility of proving one's innocence.
(d) The responsibility of the jury to come up with the right verdict.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which juror asks the guard to bring in the murder weapon for closer examination?

2. To what age group does the defendant belong?

3. Where was the victim wounded?

4. What does Juror Ten point out about an eyewitness to the murder?

5. Based on the impact of their testimony on the jury, who are the two most important witnesses?

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