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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act I.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what age group does the defendant belong?
(a) He is in his early twenties.
(b) He is middle-aged.
(c) He is in his thirties.
(d) He is a teenager.

2. At what time is the murder alleged to have occurred?
(a) Early in the morning.
(b) In the afternoon.
(c) Around midday.
(d) Just after midnight.

3. Based on the impact of their testimony on the jury, who are the two most important witnesses?
(a) A young boy next door and his mother.
(b) The policeman and the doctor.
(c) An old man across the street and a woman downstairs.
(d) An old man who lives in the victim's apartment and a woman who lives across the street.

4. Apart from the defendant, who was arrested for handling a weapon?
(a) The friend of the defendant.
(b) The witness who took the weapon until the police arrived.
(c) The storekeeper who sold the defendant a weapon.
(d) Juror Eight.

5. How does Juror Four challenge the defendant's alibi?
(a) The defendant cannot name the friend he was with.
(b) The defendant can give no details about what he claims to have been doing.
(c) The ticket collector at the game does not remember the defendent
(d) Noone saw the defendant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two types of prejudice are evident in the comments of some of the jurors during Act 1?

2. What important facts are revealed about the circumstances of the defendant's life by the juror who votes "not guilty" in the first round of voting?

3. Where does the old man who testifies for the prosecution live?

4. What comment by Juror Ten reveals his prejudice?

5. Which juror rebukes Juror Ten for his racist comment?

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