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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Juror Four challenge the defendant's alibi?
(a) The defendant cannot name the friend he was with.
(b) The defendant can give no details about what he claims to have been doing.
(c) The ticket collector at the game does not remember the defendent
(d) Noone saw the defendant.

2. How do some members of the jury respond to those who disagree?
(a) With ostracism and ridicule.
(b) With additional questions.
(c) With contradictions.
(d) With an open mind.

3. What kind of leader is the foreman of the jury?
(a) A sensitive leader.
(b) A laissez faire leader who leaves the jurors to their own devices.
(c) A dictatorial leader.
(d) A democratic leader.

4. Which juror rebukes Juror Ten for his racist comment?
(a) The foreman.
(b) Juror Seven.
(c) Juror Nine.
(d) Juror Eight.

5. What is a hung jury?
(a) One in which the foreman cannot control the jurors.
(b) One in which the jurors recommend hanging.
(c) One in which the evidence is inconclusive.
(d) One in which the jurors cannot reach a unanimous verdict.

Short Answer Questions

1. What significant words does a juror use in response to the angry outburst of the juror who explodes in Act III?

2. What conclusions about the defendant's intelligence is the jury led to by the reasoning in which one juror engages in Act III?

3. State two ways in which the group tries to ensure conformity to the majority view.

4. What is the setting in which the reader first meets the twelve characters who give the play its name?

5. Which juror becomes the real leader of the group?

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