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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the defendant and for what is he being tried?
(a) A young man is being tried for the murder of his father.
(b) A man is being tried for the murder of his son.
(c) A man is being tried for the murder of the woman next door.
(d) A boy is being tried for the murder of a man downstairs.

2. What principle is supposed to guide the composition of a jury in relation to the defendant?
(a) They should know the defendent's circumstances well.
(b) They should be from similar backgrounds.
(c) They should be from the same ethnic group.
(d) They should be twelve members of the community who are the defendant's peers.

3. What is the outcome of the "different" vote suggested by the dissenting voter?
(a) There is a change in the outcome.
(b) Eight jurors vote "guilty" and three vote "not guilty".
(c) Nine jurors vote "guilty" and two vote "not guilty".
(d) All vote "not guilty".

4. What action do the jurors take as a result of Juror Two's observations about the murder wound?
(a) Juror Eight pretends to attack Juror Nine.
(b) Juror Three pretends to attack Juror Eight.
(c) Juror Eight pretends to attack the foreman.
(d) The foreman pretends to attack Juror Three.

5. What is the result of the vote that the jurors take immediately after discussing the defendant's intelligence?
(a) Six vote "guilty"; six vote "not guilty".
(b) Ten vote "not guilty"; two vote "guilty".
(c) Nine vote "not guilty"; three vote "guilty".
(d) Seven vote "guilty"; five vote "not guilty".

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Juror Seven provide about the history of the defendant?

2. What is the difference in height between the defendant and the victim?

3. Why does Juror Eight question the witness' assertion that he heard the defendant say "I'm gonna kill you"?

4. What does the verdict from the second vote among jurors prove?

5. In what process does the defendant ask questions of the prosecution's witnesses?

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