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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sentence must the defendant face if proven guilty?
(a) At least thirty years imprisonment.
(b) Life imprisonment without possibility of parole.
(c) The death penalty.
(d) Life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.

2. In the beginning of the deliberations, how do most of the jurors demonstrate a lack of seriousness about their role as jurors?
(a) They are concerned about how the trial has kept them from attending to their own interests.
(b) They are casual in their discussions.
(c) They read the newspaper.
(d) They do not pay attention to the details.

3. What impact does the discussion about a detail regarding the crucial witness discussed in Act III have on the jurors?
(a) Juror Four and Juror Ten conclude there is reasonable doubt.
(b) Two jurors change their "not guilty" votes back to "guilty".
(c) Juror Four and Juror Three conclude there is reasonable doubt.
(d) Juror Three and Juror Ten conclude there is reasonable doubt.

4. What doesJuror Eight suggest to explain why the old man might not actually have seen the defendant running down the stairs?
(a) The lighting is poor.
(b) The trees around the building would have created shadows.
(c) The old man might have been confused in the darkness.
(d) The old man's vision is poor.

5. How do some members of the jury respond to those who disagree?
(a) With ostracism and ridicule.
(b) With additional questions.
(c) With contradictions.
(d) With an open mind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who jams the murder weapon into the wall?

2. As they seek to progress towards resolution, what do the individual jurors have to do in order to carefully analyze the facts of the case?

3. What is the result of the vote taken by the jurors at the beginning of Act III?

4. Considering the information available about the defendant, to what extent does the composition of this jury reflect the principle that should guide the composition of a jury trying a case?

5. How does the vote stand at the end of the discussion about the testimony of the crucial witness in Act III?

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