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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What threat is made by a juror after the vote is taken upon completion of the discussion in Act III about a crucial female witness?
(a) One juror says he will cause a "hung jury" by himself.
(b) Two jurors say they will never vote again.
(c) A juror says he will kill Juror Eight for wasting the whole night.
(d) One juror says he will never change his vote.

2. Why was the alleged eyewitness awake at the time of the murder?
(a) It was too hot to sleep.
(b) It was noisy because of the train.
(c) It was cold.
(d) It was a stormy night.

3. According to the juror who used to live by the el train, how long would the train take to pass a particular point?
(a) About 10 seconds.
(b) About 5 seconds.
(c) About 20 seconds.
(d) About 15 seconds.

4. What do some of the jurors do in Act III to try to find out the timing of the events reported on the night of the murder?
(a) They re-examine the photographs presented in court.
(b) They re-examine the transcripts from the witnesses.
(c) They act out the events to determine how long different actions would have taken the killer.
(d) They re-examine the drawing of the murder scene.

5. In the altercation between two jurors, what words used by Juror Three shed light on the earlier discussion about whether people always mean what they say in anger?
(a) "That's it! I'll kill you!"
(b) "I'll kill him!" I'll kill him!"
(c) "Let me just get my hands on him!"
(d) "Touch me and I'll kill you!"

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the dissenting juror discredit the allegation that the murder weapon is unique?

2. What principle is supposed to guide the composition of a jury in relation to the defendant?

3. How does the dissenting juror feel about the job done by the lawyer for the defendant?

4. As Act II progresses, how does Juror Three's attitude contrast with the attitude of Juror Four?

5. According to the evidence, what weapon was used to kill the old man?

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