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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What important shift in the attitude of many jurors takes place during the debates in Act II about the case?
(a) They withdraw and consider their own feelings.
(b) They become more sober and thoughtful in discussing the issues.
(c) They become calmer and participate less in the discussion.
(d) They are more agitated because so much time is passing.

2. What is "the burden of proof"?
(a) The responsibility of the jury to come up with the right verdict.
(b) The responsibility of proving one's innocence.
(c) The responsibility of the judge in proving guilt or innocence.
(d) The principle stating the defendant does not have to prove anything but the prosecution must prove guilt.

3. Which juror introduces questions about the defendant's intelligence?
(a) Juror Nine.
(b) Juror Three.
(c) The foreman.
(d) Juror Eight.

4. How does Juror Eight capitalize on the error made by Juror Three in threatening to kill him?
(a) He asks Juror Three if he would really kill him.
(b) He asks Juror Three whether he really means that.
(c) He asks the other jurors if they think that Juror Three would really kill him.
(d) He tells the other jurors "See? He said what he didn't mean."

5. How do some members of the jury respond to those who disagree?
(a) With contradictions.
(b) With additional questions.
(c) With an open mind.
(d) With ostracism and ridicule.

Short Answer Questions

1. What important information about the jurors' behavior becomes evident during their deliberations in Act II?

2. How do the other jurors react when one of them reacts explosively after the discussion about the defendant's intelligence?

3. At what time is the murder alleged to have occurred?

4. What does the behavior of most of the jurors demonstrate about the decisions reached by juries?

5. In the altercation between two jurors, what words used by Juror Three shed light on the earlier discussion about whether people always mean what they say in anger?

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