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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act III.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the last words spoken in the play?
(a) "This system is a waste of time."
(b) "Not guilty."
(c) "No justice here!"
(d) "Guilty."

2. Which two jurors are moved by the discovery about the timing involved in the old man's story?
(a) The foreman and Juror Four.
(b) Jurors Ten and Twelve.
(c) Juror Two and Six.
(d) The foreman and Juror Six.

3. Which of the following phrases best describes the protagonist?
(a) Hostile, impartial and analytical.
(b) Committed, conscientious and biased.
(c) Conscientious, hostile and fair.
(d) Conscientious, thoughtful and analytical.

4. How do some members of the jury respond to those who disagree?
(a) With ostracism and ridicule.
(b) With an open mind.
(c) With additional questions.
(d) With contradictions.

5. What is "the burden of proof"?
(a) The responsibility of proving one's innocence.
(b) The responsibility of the jury to come up with the right verdict.
(c) The responsibility of the judge in proving guilt or innocence.
(d) The principle stating the defendant does not have to prove anything but the prosecution must prove guilt.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the antagonist in the play?

2. What is the major cause of the conflict that develops among the jurors?

3. What does Juror Eleven assert in defense of the result of the second vote?

4. What new information does Juror Four provide that sheds light on the deliberations?

5. What does the verdict from the second vote among jurors prove?

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