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The Window in the Jury Room

This is a cause of disagreement among the jurors who keep adjusting it to make themselves more comfortable.

Reasonable Doubt

The law says that for a conviction, the prosecution must present a case with no room for this.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

As Juror Three becomes frustrated with the debate, he decides to pass the time using this which Juror Eight angrily snatches away.

The Knife

This is brought into court by one of the jurors who uses it to prove there is a very specific flaw in one of the main arguments supporting the defendant's guilt.

The Inner City

The murder victim and his son live in this area, which some jurors believe to be responsible for producing liars and murderers.


The jurors eventually discount the testimony of the woman who claims to have seen the murder because one of them points...

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