Twelve Angry Men Fun Activities

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Twelve Angry Men

Draw a picture of the jurors gathered in the jury room before they begin the discussion. Be sure to include the conditions that make them uncomfortable and the facial expressions you would expect.

Courtroom Artist

You are the courtroom artist. Draw pictures of:

- The faces of the jurors when Juror Eight produces the knife identical to the murder weapon.

- The face of Juror Three when he realizes the woman across the street wears very thick glasses.

- The face of Juror Ten when all the jurors leave the table and turn their backs on him after his racist outburst.

Are these Grown Men?

Adopt the point of view of a guard who is able to observe the deliberations without the knowledge of the jurors. Write a satirical column with the above title for the newspaper ridiculing the behavior of the jurors during the...

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