Twelve Angry Men Character Descriptions

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After voting "guilty" several times, this character causes jurors to change their votes to "not guilty" by pointing out that the killer might have taken some time to wipe his hands before leaving the scene.

Juror Two

This quiet, meek juror raises reasonable doubt in the minds of others by pointing out that it seems awkward that the defendant, who was six inches shorter than his father, would stab him with a downward motion, as the fatal wound indicates.

Juror Three

This juror is a forceful, intolerant bully who threatens to kill another juror. He holds out until the end of the play when he hands over the knife and reluctantly declares "not guilty" to the last juror in the jury room.

Juror Four

This juror, who appears calm and objective, maintains his view that the defendant is guilty until after the jurors realize that the eyewitness...

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