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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Austin think Lee has a good grip on reality?
(a) Yes, Austin thinks Lee should run for public office.
(b) No, Austin thinks Lee is out of touch.
(c) Yes, Austin thinks Lee is a well-adjusted person.
(d) No, Austin thinks Lee is not lucid most of the time.

2. Why has Saul given Lee a gift?
(a) The gift is an advance for his script.
(b) It is Lee's bithday.
(c) Saul got the gift from someone else and did not want it.
(d) Saul just really, really likes him.

3. What does Austin think would be a great title?
(a) I'm trying to concentrate.
(b) Desert Walker.
(c) We moved on from champagne.
(d) Between me, the coyotes, and the crickets.

4. Where are Lee and Austin sitting?
(a) They are sitting in the car.
(b) They are sitting in the kitchen alcove.
(c) They are sitting on the golf course.
(d) They are sitting in the garage.

5. How close did Lee get the golf ball to the cup on the ninth hole?
(a) Two feet.
(b) One mile.
(c) Six feet.
(d) Two yards.

6. Who is actually supposed to write Lee's script?
(a) Lee.
(b) Saul.
(c) Mom.
(d) Austin.

7. What is Austin supposed to steal, according to the brothers' bet?
(a) A toaster.
(b) A woman.
(c) A car.
(d) One million dollars.

8. What does Lee keep getting tangled?
(a) His shoelaces.
(b) The fringe on Mom's curtains.
(c) The typewriter ribbon.
(d) Austin's hair.

9. Why does Austin think Saul is series about the script?
(a) Austin is familiar with Saul's tastes.
(b) Austin witnessed Saul sign the contract.
(c) Austin is Saul's best friend and knows him through and through.
(d) Austin and Saul are brothers.

10. Who has decided to be Lee's agent?
(a) Austin.
(b) Mom.
(c) Lee.
(d) Saul.

11. What gift has Saul given Lee?
(a) Saul has given Lee a shirt.
(b) Saul has given Lee flowers.
(c) Saul has given Lee a car.
(d) Saul has given Lee gold clubs.

12. Why does Austin not want to go outside?
(a) He is enjoying Lee's company.
(b) He is afraid of the coyotes.
(c) It is cold outside.
(d) He cannot find his car keys.

13. Where does Austin want to learn to live?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) The desert.
(c) The swamp land.
(d) Mexico.

14. What have they neglected in Mom's house?
(a) Her plants.
(b) Her parakeets.
(c) The dogs.
(d) The mail.

15. What is Lee smashing with a golf club?
(a) The pots and pans.
(b) The car.
(c) Austin.
(d) The typewriter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Lee get Saul to agree to produce the script?

2. What does Austin really think about Western stories?

3. Why did Austin only steal the toasters?

4. How is Lee typing on the typewriter?

5. To whom would Saul like to "leave the films"?

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