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Act 1, Scene 1

• Mom has gone to Alaska, leaving her son, Austin, to watch her house and keep her plants watered.

• In his early 30s, Austin is neatly dressed, in stark contrast to his older brother, Lee, who appears to be homeless.

• Austin is patient while Lee tries to shore up his own self esteem by bragging about his survival skills in the desert.

• The conversation only gets intense when the subject of their father comes up.

• Austin learns that Lee plans to rob houses in the neighborhood, and suggests he choose another locale.

• When Lee refuses, Austin offers him money, which makes Lee angry.

• While they listen to the crickets outside, Lee is reminded of a woman botanist who could tell the temperature by the number of pulses the crickets made.

• Lee says he met her in the desert, when he was making big money with a fighting...

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