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Julius Lester
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Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 5 portrays which of the following themes?

2. What turned into another kind of slavery?

3. What was Lew Cheney known for?

4. Who were the "bluecoats?"

5. How was a slave identified?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Even after emancipation, slaves were not truly freed. They had freedom but not a free life. Discuss the difference of what it means to have freedom and what it means to have a free life. How did slaves have one and not the other? Or do you think they had both or none after the Civil War ended? What was life like for slaves immediately following the war and was it something that could have been prevented or carried out differently?

Essay Topic 2

There is no doubt that even today, people tend to flock towards others who are similar to themselves. Oftentimes, we find companionship and a sense of camaraderie amongst people who share the same background and ethnicity as ourselves. When Africans were brought to America to be slaves, the blacks supported one another and tried to help one another if they could. They understood and sympathized with the other blacks. Having said this, there were still those blacks who were considered traitors to their own kind. What were some of the betrayals that Julius Lester discusses in his novel? Discuss these stories. Why drove these slaves to side with the whites when the blacks were clearly being wronged? Be sure to include the story of Lev Cheney and discuss house-servants. What was the purpose of house-servants and how does it tie-in with this discussion?

Essay Topic 3

The process of slave trading was complicated and extremely cruel. Discuss the process of slave trading and what it entailed. How were the slave treated and why were they treated as such? Who was involved? How did the slave traders treat men? How did they treat women and children? What tricks did slave traders use and what forms of cruelty? Be sure to discuss not only how slaves were captured for trade in Africa but also the auction block and results of slave trading on the slave families and their emotions.

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