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Julius Lester
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Slaves knew they were enslaved because of what two reasons?
(a) Free labor and the large supply of blacks.
(b) Stealing from other slave owners and free labor.
(c) Free labor and money resulting from it and selling slaves.
(d) Money from selling slaves and stealing from other slave owners.

2. What happened to the children who were captured with their mothers and brought aboard the slave ship?
(a) They were strangled in front of their mothers' eyes as a lesson in obedience.
(b) They were separated from their mothers and kept in another location.
(c) They were separated from their mothers and thrown overboard into the water.
(d) They were taken aboard another ship meant only for slave children.

3. Where did some of the most emotional scenes of slave trading take place?
(a) At the slave's home on the plantation.
(b) At the foot of the auction block.
(c) At the new plantation.
(d) At the Big House.

4. Who said the following: "You want to know what they did in slavery times. They were doing just what they do know."?
(a) Anonymous.
(b) Sallie Crane.
(c) Alice Johnson.
(d) Roberta Manson.

5. The slave trading was much like today's ____________________.
(a) Real estate bids.
(b) Shopping centers.
(c) Car auctions.
(d) Stock market.

Short Answer Questions

1. Many of the white men and black slave children had what sort of unique bond, though not always acknowledged?

2. The cotton picking season began when?

3. With whom did slave owners sometimes try to be gentle with before they bought them?

4. What was the only thing the slaves were given to eat on board the slave ship?

5. How was Frank Cooper and his sister given a taste of slavery?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Rhody Holsell in the Epilogue, what were Lincoln's plans for the blacks if he had lived and does Holsell agree with the idea?

2. Did any slaves actually prefer to exist under slavery?

3. Discuss the reasons why Indians and whites did not work out for the colonists for manual labor purposes.

4. Describe how the slaves were held in the slave galley of the ships.

5. What was the story of Blackshear and what was the significance?

6. In the Epilogue, what are Thomas Hall's views about the whites towards blacks?

7. Why did the colonists turn to blacks as a means of manual labor?

8. In Chapter 5, what does the story of Paul symbolize?

9. Discuss the story of Lev Cheney.

10. Describe the reaction of the anonymous white man who mentions being awakened by the overseer's horn in Chapter 3.

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