To Be a Slave Fun Activities

Julius Lester
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Slave Journal

This activity can be done for each chapter in order to create a full journal. Students should create a slave persona and a brief background history of their persona. They will then use this character to write one entry for each chapter after it is read.

Slave coffle

For this activity, the teacher should bring in yarn. This activity might be best to do in the hallway or outside. Split the class into girls and boys. Have the girls loosely tie the yarn around their necks and simulate being "chained together." Have the boys do the same only have them also use the yarn to be "handcuffed in pairs," then "chain" the "handcuffs" together. Then have everyone try to walk around the school together like this. Reference for a slave coffle can be found in Chapter 2. This activity could be used by the students for their...

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