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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What concept does Gordon explain on the plane that has to do with experiments run on single protons?
(a) Subspace dimensions
(b) Unity
(c) Thread
(d) Multiverse

2. What is the subject of Chris Hughes' doctoral dissertation?
(a) The impact of the bubonic plague on wars
(b) Medieval water mills
(c) Fabrics of the middle ages
(d) The use of hoisting technology in sieges in the Middle Ages

3. Where does the Professor want to look for evidence of a tower?
(a) In the history books
(b) In the helicopter scans
(c) In a library that has some old architectural scrolls
(d) Nowhere

4. Upon what is Liz intent to acquire?
(a) A new ceremonial dru
(b) An authentic Navajo weaving
(c) A sample of a meteorite that hit near there
(d) An authentic Kachina rattle

5. What does Johnston always insist Chris do?
(a) Accompany him to take notes
(b) Take pictures of every piece that is excavated
(c) Keep curious locals away in a friendly manner
(d) Make triplicate copies of the Professor's notes

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Professor believe ITC has done at the site?

2. Who takes responsibility for notifying ITC of the death of the old man?

3. What does the MRI on the old man reveal?

4. What is the man wearing that lies beside the road where Dan and Liz are driving?

5. Who is excavating Monastery Saint-Mere in France?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Katherine Erickson, and what is her job at the Dordogne site?

2. Who is Arnaut de Cervole, and what is he known for doing?

3. What alarms the Professor about the ITC's dealings concerning the Dordogne Site?

4. What does a young boy say about quantum foam?

5. What is different about Marek's language abilities from most scholars?

6. What do the orderlies notice about the old man's shirt?

7. What does the MRI on Traub reveal?

8. How does Chris behave at dinner with the others in Sarlat?

9. What does Dan Baker want to do when traveling on a poor, rutted road in Arizona and how does that differ from his wife's desires?

10. How do Chris and Stern inadvertently find a tower foundation, and how does Chris react?

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