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Essay Topic 1

Michael Crichton, in his signature style, blends scientific fact with fiction in Timeline. The introduction is designed to lay the groundwork for his theme of scientific hubris. Crichton establishes a parallel between the arrogant shortsightedness of late 19th Century scientists and the equally arrogant, shortsighted scientists of the late 20th Century.

a. Discuss three examples of Crichton blending scientific fact with fiction in Timeline.

b. Discuss what is meant by the term scientific hubris in the above paragraph.

c. Compare one incident of scientific shortsightedness in the 19th Century to one in the late 20th Century. This may require research.

Essay Topic 2

Doniger is a man who will stop at nothing to keep his competitive advantage. Opposing Doniger and his billions is one lone rural police officer with a hunch. Thus the author has created tension, for the reader must wait to see if Officer Wauneka...

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