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Science at the End of the Century, From The Hundred Years War in France by M. D. Backes, 1996, and Corazun

• At the end of the 19th Century, scientists thought they had an accurate picture of the physical world and that the few anomalies discovered could be explained by their theoretical models.

• By the end of the 21st Century, physicists once again believe the physical world has been largely explained by contemporary theory. Yet, quantum technology becomes the new future.

• By the mid 1990’s ITC, a technological company, has made the greatest strides in quantum technology. Their competitive advantage seems to be mostly a matter of luck.

• ITC’s luck failed when, during a recent expedition, two people died; one person disappeared mysteriously and one was seriously injured.

• In the excerpt by M.D. Backes, an example of private warfare during the Hundred Years War in 1357 is written about...

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