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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Dane and Justine living with their jobs and schooling ?

2. Why does Fiona see things from Meggie's perspective?

3. What does Luke convince Meggie to do?

4. Which Cleary family members are allowed to be a part of this nationwide effort?

5. Who does Archbishop de Bricassart encounter one evening?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From the time the Clearys are introduced, the reader forms impressions about the family. What are your initial reactions to Fiona and Paddy? Do you see them as good, bad or just two people trying to do the best they can? How does that impression change, if it does, as the story unfolds?

Essay Topic 2

Meggie and Father Ralph develop a relationship early in Meggie's childhood. This relationship continues to grow throughout the years, resulting in a love affair. Pick one of the following two topics to write about and use examples from the book.

1) Do you think Meggie and Father Ralph could have ever had a strong marital partnership? Justify your answer.

2) Do you view Father Ralph as leading Meggie on throughout the book? What do you think his true intentions were from the beginning? How might their relationship have been different?

Essay Topic 3

Luke and Meggie obviously have very different views of marriage. What are Meggie's views? What are Luke's views? Do they have similar views on anything regarding their marriage? Cite examples from the book.

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