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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Meggie's family's reaction to her return?

2. What traveling job does Luke take for six days a week?

3. Who is Luke's new boss when he becomes a sugar cane cutter?

4. Why does Meggie not file for divorce from Luke?

5. How does Luke take the news that Meggie is pregnant?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Luke and Meggie honeymoon and then move to Queensland after they are married?

2. How do Meggie and Luke feel about her pregnancy?

3. What is the land like after the fire?

4. What are the Cleary brothers like?

5. What are three major decisions that Luke makes, without consulting Meggie, in the first part of their marriage?

6. What are Meggie's thoughts regarding the first few days/weeks of her marriage?

7. What does Justine decide to do instead of attending college, and how does her family react to this news?

8. Who is Luke O'Neill?

9. In the life of the Cleary family, what two major events take place on September 2, 1945?

10. What previously introduced character reappears in Chapter 17, and what is this character's story?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

You have been given the task of summarizing a character or characters from this novel in two or three paragraphs. Focusing on the character(s) of your choice, who will you write about? What will you highlight? Why did you choose the character(s) that you chose? Then summarize the character(s) you selected.

Essay Topic 2

Who do you think is the most tragic character in the book? Why would you pick this particular character? Give examples from the book that highlight what makes this character particularly tragic.

Essay Topic 3

The relationship between mothers and daughters can be complicated at times. Meggie and Fiona are the only immediate female members of the Cleary family. From Meggie's 4th birthday and the incident with her new doll, the reader is able to catch glimpses of their relationship. Picking four stages of Meggie's life to analyze, what is her relationship like with Fiona at these stages?

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