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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ralph do with Mary Carson?

2. What occupation does the eldest Cleary son hold?

3. What does the Cleary family do every Sunday?

4. What does the Cleary family not encounter at Drogheda?

5. What does Father Ralph make Fiona promise him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the romance between Meggie Cleary and Father Ralph ill-fated?

2. What is Father Ralph's dilemma regarding Mary Carson's second will?

3. What kind of employer is Mary Carson?

4. What happens to Stuart during the search for Paddy?

5. Why do the Clearys decide to move to Drogheda?

6. What happens to Meggie's friendship with Teresa Annunzio?

7. What is the role of farm women in this time period?

8. What causes disagreements between Frank and Paddy?

9. What are the land and climate like?

10. Describe Mary Carson's relationship with her brother, Paddy.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Are there any relationships that appear similar in this story? If so, what are the specific relationships and describe the situation and outcomes. These relationships may be between brother and sister, husband and wife, employer and employee, etc.

Essay Topic 2

Meggie's children, Justine and Dane, are close growing up, but they have entirely different personalities. What does Justine's personality say about the relationship between Meggie and Justine's father? What does Dane's personality say about the relationship between Meggie and Dane's father? What is the symbolism of Dane being the perfect child and Justine being not so perfect?

Essay Topic 3

Luke and Meggie obviously have very different views of marriage. What are Meggie's views? What are Luke's views? Do they have similar views on anything regarding their marriage? Cite examples from the book.

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