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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Luke take the news that Meggie is pregnant?
(a) He is sad that they haven't had any time alone as a couple.
(b) He decides that he needs to work more hours to support his family.
(c) He is overcome with joy.
(d) He is furious.

2. What nationwide event happens that involves the Cleary family?
(a) The Prime Minister declares war on Germany.
(b) Wool and other sheep products are no longer in demand.
(c) There is an earthquake.
(d) The tax rate skyrockets.

3. What comment does Fiona make that surprises Meggie?
(a) That she hates Drogheda.
(b) That Dane is the image of his father, Archbishop de Bricassart.
(c) That Frank is her favorite.
(d) That she never really loved Paddy.

4. What does Luke believe he should do when they get married?
(a) Take title to all of his wife's possessions.
(b) Visit Father Ralph and tell him of their marriage.
(c) Look for a new place to live.
(d) Visit his family.

5. What also happens on September 2, 1945, besides the end of the war?
(a) Archbishop de Bricassart comes to visit.
(b) Bob decides to leave Drogheda.
(c) The longest drought in Drogheda history ends.
(d) Luke comes to visit.

6. What does Luke want to borrow from Bob for his date to the dance with Meggie?
(a) Paddy's suit.
(b) Flowers from the garden.
(c) The Rolls Royce.
(d) Money.

7. Why does Fiona see things from Meggie's perspective?
(a) Because she takes up for her daughter.
(b) Because she felt the same way with Paddy.
(c) Because she doesn't want her grandchildren to leave Drogheda.
(d) Because Luke is indifferent to the children.

8. Who does Meggie confide the state of her marriage to?
(a) Father Ralph.
(b) Fiona.
(c) No one.
(d) The Muellers.

9. How is baby Dane different from his sister?
(a) He cries constantly.
(b) He is ignored by the household.
(c) His personality is bright and sunny.
(d) He is full of mischief.

10. What does Meggie think could be a result of kissing Luke?
(a) She might disappoint her mother.
(b) She might betray Father Ralph.
(c) She might become pregnant.
(d) She might fall in love.

11. Who are Meggie's new employers in Queensland?
(a) Anne and Ludwig Mueller.
(b) Mitchell Jones and family.
(c) Bob and Mary O'Patrick.
(d) Fiona's cousins.

12. Who tries to salvage Luke and Meggie's wedding?
(a) Bob.
(b) Anne Mueller.
(c) Fiona.
(d) Father Ralph.

13. Where does the war take Jims and Patsy?
(a) New Guinea.
(b) New Zealand.
(c) Austria.
(d) Germany.

14. What occupation does Dane want to pursue?
(a) Store owner.
(b) Blacksmith.
(c) Sheep shearer.
(d) The priesthood.

15. How does Luke betray Meggie for two years?
(a) By not allowing Fiona to move in with them.
(b) By not allowing her to see Father Ralph.
(c) By using a condom to prevent a pregnancy.
(d) By not moving her back to Drogheda.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cardinal Contini-Verchese find out?

2. Who does Father Ralph bring news of when he goes to Drogheda for a visit after the war?

3. Where is the original location for Meggie and Luke's wedding?

4. How does Dane respond to Father Ralph?

5. Which two family members are absent for Dane's ordination?

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