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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dane respond to Father Ralph?
(a) He shuns him.
(b) He is entranced by him and treats him very respectfully.
(c) He is curious about him.
(d) By telling him that Luke and Meggie are still together.

2. Who is in charge of a marriage, according to Meggie's background?
(a) The local priest.
(b) The woman's father.
(c) The man.
(d) Children.

3. What traveling job does Luke take for six days a week?
(a) Sugar cane cutter.
(b) Blacksmith.
(c) Sheep shearer.
(d) Traveling school teacher.

4. Who shows up at Matlock while Meggie is staying there?
(a) Bob.
(b) Father Ralph.
(c) Luke.
(d) Jims.

5. What does Luke want to borrow from Bob for his date to the dance with Meggie?
(a) The Rolls Royce.
(b) Money.
(c) Flowers from the garden.
(d) Paddy's suit.

6. What comment does Fiona make that surprises Meggie?
(a) That she never really loved Paddy.
(b) That Dane is the image of his father, Archbishop de Bricassart.
(c) That she hates Drogheda.
(d) That Frank is her favorite.

7. What role is Father Ralph about to assume right after Meggie gives birth to her firstborn?
(a) Principal of the boarding school in Gillanbone.
(b) Archbishop and Papal Legate to Australia.
(c) Confidante to the Pope.
(d) Cardinal.

8. Who does Meggie think Luke looks like?
(a) Frank.
(b) Father Ralph.
(c) Paddy.
(d) Hal.

9. What is Meggie's family's reaction to her return?
(a) They are very happy to have her home.
(b) They are disappointed in her.
(c) They are indifferent.
(d) They are mad because they liked Luke.

10. Why does Archbishop de Bricassart disagree with the Pope?
(a) Because the Pope will not let the Archbishop visit Drogheda.
(b) Because the Pope wants him to leave Rome.
(c) Because he feels that the Pope does not do enough to stop the war.
(d) Because the Pope wants him to ask Meggie's forgiveness.

11. What happens to Patsy when he and Jims are at war?
(a) He gets a letter from his girlfriend.
(b) He is hit by machine gun fire.
(c) He runs into Father Ralph.
(d) He and Jims are sent to fight separately.

12. What occupation does Dane want to pursue?
(a) The priesthood.
(b) Blacksmith.
(c) Store owner.
(d) Sheep shearer.

13. Who are Meggie's new employers in Queensland?
(a) Fiona's cousins.
(b) Mitchell Jones and family.
(c) Bob and Mary O'Patrick.
(d) Anne and Ludwig Mueller.

14. Where will Meggie's wages from her housekeeping job go?
(a) To send Jims and Patsy to boarding school.
(b) Straight into Luke's bank account.
(c) To support the Catholic church.
(d) To support her family at Drogheda.

15. What does Luke believe he should do when they get married?
(a) Take title to all of his wife's possessions.
(b) Visit Father Ralph and tell him of their marriage.
(c) Visit his family.
(d) Look for a new place to live.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Justine choose to do rather than attend college?

2. What happens between Meggie and her visitor at Matlock?

3. Why does Meggie stay with Luke?

4. What does Meggie tell Father Ralph in order for him to get the body sent home to Australia?

5. How is baby Dane different from his sister?

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