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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What attacks Stuart?
(a) A python.
(b) A wild boar.
(c) A dingo.
(d) A bear.

2. What are the twins' nicknames?
(a) A.C. and Patty.
(b) Jims and Patsy.
(c) Ralphie and Mickey.
(d) Jimmy and C.C.

3. Where is Fiona's family from?
(a) New Zealand.
(b) China.
(c) Ireland.
(d) England.

4. Where will Jims and Patsy go with the inheritance from Mary Carson?
(a) To see Fiona's family.
(b) To a boarding school in Sydney when they turn twelve.
(c) To visit Frank.
(d) To live with Father Ralph.

5. What job does Paddy give Meggie?
(a) Cleaning the livestock pens.
(b) Patrolling the Home Paddock on horseback.
(c) Watching Jims and Patsy.
(d) Cooking for the family.

6. What does the Cleary family do every Sunday?
(a) Go to mass.
(b) Hold a family meeting with their relatives.
(c) Eat at the local church dinner.
(d) Go to the movies.

7. What happens to Hal?
(a) He moves to town to attend boarding school.
(b) He moves in with Mary Carson.
(c) He runs away from home.
(d) He becomes ill and dies.

8. Which of the following is not one of Fiona's duties?
(a) Doing the laundry and cleaning.
(b) Cooking three meals a day.
(c) Assisting Paddy with the farm chores.
(d) Raising the children.

9. How many days does the fire burn before the rains come?
(a) Three days.
(b) Seven days.
(c) Five days.
(d) One day.

10. Which of the following does Mary Carson not provide for Paddy's family?
(a) A job.
(b) A maid.
(c) A home.
(d) Tuition for two of the Cleary children to go to boarding school.

11. Why is Stuart able to leave school?
(a) Mary no longer wants to invest in his education.
(b) He fights with Paddy.
(c) He and Meggie fight continuously.
(d) He goes on a hunger strike.

12. How does Paddy feel about Fiona?
(a) He feels she and the baby are a burden to him.
(b) He regrets marrying her.
(c) He wishes she would do a better job of housekeeping.
(d) He falls in love with her.

13. How many brothers and sisters does Fiona have?
(a) None. She is an only child.
(b) Ten.
(c) Three.
(d) Two.

14. Where does Ralph find Meggie at the end of Mary's birthday party?
(a) Sitting alone in her room at Drogheda.
(b) Weeping in the garden.
(c) Crying over Hal's grave.
(d) Sitting on Mary's front porch.

15. Why does Ralph ignore Meggie at Mary's birthday party?
(a) To prevent rumors of a liaison.
(b) He is tired of her childish ways.
(c) Paddy asks him to.
(d) He blames her for Hal's death.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following are two of the Cleary boys?

2. What is the socio-economic level of Fiona's family?

3. Who finds Paddy's remains?

4. What does Meggie give to Father Ralph to remember her by?

5. How frequently is mail delivered to Drogheda?

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