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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary provide for the Cleary family for her 72nd birthday party?
(a) A bigger house.
(b) All new party clothes.
(c) New sheep.
(d) Indoor plumbing.

2. What does Ralph insist that Meggie do?
(a) Try to put Hal out of her mind and go on.
(b) Ride a horse in the proper riding clothes.
(c) Talk to Fiona about female issues.
(d) Go back to the boarding school.

3. What does Mary tell Ralph after she leaves her birthday party?
(a) That this will be her last party and she will choose her time to die.
(b) To leave the maids alone.
(c) To loan Paddy money.
(d) That he needs to be closer to the Cleary family to take care of them.

4. What attacks Stuart?
(a) A dingo.
(b) A bear.
(c) A python.
(d) A wild boar.

5. What does Fiona hope to do before moving into Mary's house?
(a) Redecorate.
(b) Hear from Frank.
(c) Get rid of Mary's clothes.
(d) Make sure each child has a bedroom.

6. Why does Mary Carson prefer to remain a widow?
(a) She will have to leave her home.
(b) If she remarries, all of her wealth becomes her husband's.
(c) Paddy will be jealous.
(d) She cannot find anyone she loves.

7. Why is Stuart able to leave school?
(a) He goes on a hunger strike.
(b) He fights with Paddy.
(c) Mary no longer wants to invest in his education.
(d) He and Meggie fight continuously.

8. What occupation does the eldest Cleary son hold?
(a) Livestock manager.
(b) Soldier.
(c) Blacksmith.
(d) Fence builder.

9. What job does Paddy give Meggie?
(a) Patrolling the Home Paddock on horseback.
(b) Cleaning the livestock pens.
(c) Watching Jims and Patsy.
(d) Cooking for the family.

10. What is Ralph's role with the Cleary family?
(a) He takes on a father role with the twins.
(b) He loans them money to tide them over.
(c) He is more of a close family friend than a priest.
(d) He provides transportation to them for errands.

11. How long did it take the Cleary family to arrive in Gillanbone?
(a) One week.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Three days.
(d) One month.

12. What does Fiona bring to her family?
(a) Scandal and shame.
(b) Praise for being a top student in her class.
(c) An extra hand to help out with household chores.
(d) Extra money from a part-time job.

13. Why do Paddy and Frank have so many conflicts?
(a) Paddy feels that Frank is too protective of Meggie.
(b) Fiona favors Frank over Paddy.
(c) Frank is not Paddy's biological son.
(d) There is so much work to do and both are stressed.

14. Which of the following is a gift that Ralph receives from Mary?
(a) Daimler.
(b) New house.
(c) A herd of livestock.
(d) A trip to New Zealand.

15. Who returns to the Home Paddock?
(a) Meggie.
(b) Stuart.
(c) Father Ralph.
(d) Frank.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Fiona neglect to tell Meggie?

2. What does Ralph stop just short of explaining to Meggie?

3. What does Frank participate in while touring the midway with Meggie and Ralph?

4. Before returning for the funerals of Paddy and Stuart, when was the last time Father Ralph was at Drogheda?

5. When Fiona is bedridden with her latest pregnancy, who is her greatest helper?

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