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Drogheda - This place brings both pain and joy to its inhabitants.

Wahine, New Zealand - This place is where the marital partnership begins.

New South Wales - This place is not known for lushness and beauty.

Gillanbone - This place is the closest to the family homestead and where the local church is located.

Queensland - This is an unwelcoming place, known for its dense vegetation and hostile creatures.

The Mueller's Ranch - This is where one of the characters finds comfort and kindness.

Meggie's First Formal Dress - This object is made for a character's celebrations and firsts.

Ashes of Roses - This phrase serves two purposes, to describe a wardrobe and to describe an emotion.

The Pale Pink Rose - This object is found at the homestead and is later given to one of the characters as he/she is leaving.

Matlock - This...

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