This Mournable Body Fun Activities

Tsitsi Dangarembga
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Create a Book Cover

Keeping in mind the themes and tone of the book, create an alternative book cover in any medium you wish.

Movie Poster

Imagine you are in charge of creating promotional artwork for advertising a movie version of this book. Create a movie poster and bring in your work to share with the class.

Movie Cast

Imagine you are producing a movie version of this book and create a cast list of main characters using real-life actors and actresses.

Write a Letter to Dagarembga

Write a letter to Dagarembga telling her what you thought of the book, respectfully including any strong impressions or feelings you have.

Create a Soundtrack

Make a list of at least ten songs you think would accompany this book well. Share your playlist with your classmates.

100-Year Test

Will people still be reading this book in 100 years? Why or why not...

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