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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Lafeyette start imagining about having a dog of his own?
(a) hanging around with Bird Leg
(b) when tough Luck came with a gun
(c) after Craig was killed
(d) when a gang jumped him outside

2. When are the projects stifling hot?
(a) at midnight
(b) at night
(c) in the summer
(d) in the winter

3. A year later, what does Craig Davis' mother decide to do?
(a) buy a gravestone for her son
(b) move to Alabama
(c) to file a lawsuit against the ATF
(d) give her sons recordings to Lafeyette

4. What does Pharoah warn his friends about in the basement?
(a) poisonous snakes
(b) human-headed cats
(c) evil spirits
(d) vampire bats

5. What does the teacher, Mr. Rogers, promise the class if either Clarise or Pharoah wins the spelling bee?
(a) extra credit
(b) a party
(c) a movie
(d) no homework

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Pharoah's latest interest?

2. Under what condition will the truck owner drop the charges against the five boys?

3. What is Lafeyette beginning to look like at the age of thriteen?

4. What does LaJoe pin on her sweatshirt and wear for the rest of the day?

5. What has Terrence accomplished in prison?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Lafeyette put in charge of the children and what is his behavior like?

2. What are some of the improvements Vincent Lane is able to make in the projects?

3. When Pharoah and Porkchop go to visit Dawn, what is her condition?

4. What improvements are made to the apartment in the summer of 1989?

5. How has Lafeyette's behavior changed since Craig's funeral?

6. Why does Terrence agree to participate in an armed robbery?

7. Why does Pharoah stay up all night on December 30th?

8. How does LaJoe remember the day Terrence was sentenced since Terrence had requested that she not come to court that day?

9. How does Pharoah prepare for the next spelling bee?

10. Describe the conflict between Lafeyette and Paul over the puppy Rickey gave him.

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