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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lafeyette dress for Craig's funeral?
(a) in one of Terrence's suits
(b) in new jeans and a sweater
(c) in a deejay outfit
(d) in his only clean clothes

2. Where is Craig taken and eventually pronounced dead?
(a) Mount Sinai Hospital
(b) Cook County Jail
(c) Chicago General
(d) Hormer Homes

3. Who owns the luxury home with a marble staircase, sunken tub and Jacuzzi?
(a) the Playboy Club
(b) a family of drug runners
(c) the Chicago Mafia
(d) Mayor Daly

4. What does the teacher, Mr. Rogers, promise the class if either Clarise or Pharoah wins the spelling bee?
(a) no homework
(b) extra credit
(c) a movie
(d) a party

5. What does LaJoe resolve to do for the younger children in the future?
(a) to get them all new shoes
(b) to send them to live with her mother
(c) to keep a closer eye on them
(d) to take them on trips more often

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are Francis Higgins and Richard Marianos?

2. What does LaJoe witness that makes her put her foot down with Lafeyette?

3. What can LaJoe not get a gang to stop doing near her house?

4. When does Lafeyette lose another friend who dies in a car accident during a police chase?

5. What is happening outside when Lafeyette doesn't move off the couch and continues to calmly watch television?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does LaJoe remember the day Terrence was sentenced since Terrence had requested that she not come to court that day?

2. What is the special fear of Pharoah?

3. Who is Vince Lane and what does he hope to accomplish?

4. Why do LaJoe and Lafeyette back off from trying to stop the beating of a man by some Horner gang members?

5. What are the projects like in the winter?

6. Describe Lafeyette's brush with the law that gets him arrested.

7. What does Gwen Anderson tell the CHA about the basement?

8. Describe what Pharoah sees as the boys are eating their food outside the Main Street hot dog stand.

9. Why does Terrence agree to participate in an armed robbery?

10. What is it about public defender Anne Rhodes that Lafeyette does not understand?

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