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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pharoah warn his friends about in the basement?
(a) evil spirits
(b) human-headed cats
(c) poisonous snakes
(d) vampire bats

2. What is Lafeyette's sentence?
(a) two years probation
(b) a year's probation and community service at the Boys Club
(c) six months in the detention center
(d) a $500 fine and community service

3. What does the teacher, Mr. Rogers, promise the class if either Clarise or Pharoah wins the spelling bee?
(a) a movie
(b) no homework
(c) a party
(d) extra credit

4. What are the results of Vance Lane's efforts at CHA?
(a) The basements are sealed off.
(b) He is fired for making waves.
(c) Everyone's rent goes up.
(d) A few things do improve in the neighborhood.

5. What are they all talking abut when Pharoah runs home to tell about his win?
(a) about the plumbing
(b) about Leila Mae's accident
(c) about the weather
(d) about Craig's death

6. What can LaJoe not get a gang to stop doing near her house?
(a) writing grafitti on the walls
(b) throwing rockes at the windows
(c) tormenting Pharoah
(d) beating a fourteen-year-old

7. What is it that Vince Lane does not know until the Horner residents inform him?
(a) the number of murders
(b) the dangerous electrical wiring
(c) the heat in the winter
(d) the condition of the basement

8. Where does Lafeyette get Pahroah to agree to go?
(a) to visit Terrance in jail
(b) a nearby hot dog stand
(c) to watch cars at the stadium
(d) to a rock concert

9. Who is presiding over Terrence's trial for armed robbery?
(a) Judge Mahan
(b) Judge Judy
(c) Judge Dread
(d) Judge Roy Bean

10. Who are Francis Higgins and Richard Marianos?
(a) gun dealers
(b) two white police officers
(c) drug enforcement officers
(d) teachers at Pharoah's school

11. What is making Lafeyette nervous?
(a) an upcoming court date
(b) pressure on him to join Rickey's gang
(c) his parole officer
(d) Pharoah's illness

12. What begins to happen to try and reduce the violence in the projects?
(a) vigilante committees are formed
(b) building sweeps to try to get rid of the gangs
(c) rewards offered for turning in gang members
(d) enlarged police patrols in the area

13. How does LaJoe see to it that the children have a good Christmas?
(a) by putting gifts on layaway for months
(b) by using her benefit money
(c) by playing cards to win money at night
(d) by borrowing money from her mother

14. What is the subject of the poem Craig had written that haunts Lafeyette?
(a) about life and death
(b) about good citizenship
(c) about angels
(d) about long life

15. Where is Craig taken and eventually pronounced dead?
(a) Cook County Jail
(b) Chicago General
(c) Hormer Homes
(d) Mount Sinai Hospital

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Lafeyette and Pharoah get accepted?

2. Why does Lafeyette develop a terrible cough?

3. What causes one boy in Rickey's gang to get shot accidentally in the arm?

4. A week after Craig's funeral, what weather condition takes place?

5. What does Weasel give Lafeyette and Pharoah?

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