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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who owns the luxury home with a marble staircase, sunken tub and Jacuzzi?
(a) the Playboy Club
(b) a family of drug runners
(c) the Chicago Mafia
(d) Mayor Daly

2. How is Craig killed?
(a) run over by a train
(b) a gangland execution
(c) a gunshot to the head
(d) an automobile crash

3. How does Lafeyette cope with his stress?
(a) fighting
(b) bullying his siblings
(c) sitting on the railroad tracks
(d) cleaning

4. What does Pharoah warn his friends about in the basement?
(a) human-headed cats
(b) evil spirits
(c) poisonous snakes
(d) vampire bats

5. After placing second behind Clarise, what really makes Pharoah happy?
(a) Lafeyette buys him an ice cream cone.
(b) He did not stutter during the contest.
(c) He has a blue ribbon to take home.
(d) LaJoe was there to see him.

6. What is it called when a hospital sends a patient to another hospital?
(a) ambulance running
(b) outpatient care
(c) patient dumping
(d) reference managing

7. What does Rickey call his new gang?
(a) the Avengers
(b) the Four Corner Hustlers
(c) the Horner Hornets
(d) the Railroad Snakes

8. Why does Pharoah dress up one spring morning?
(a) to go to a funeral
(b) for good luck on his exams
(c) to date Clarise
(d) for his spelling bee

9. What does Pharoah decide to clean to get out of Lafeyette's way?
(a) the windows
(b) the stove
(c) the bathrooms
(d) the hallway

10. Why doesn't LaJoe take Lafeyette downtown to see the holiday window decorations?
(a) She thinks he will feel too old to do that.
(b) He is still very ill with a cough.
(c) He misbehaved that afternoon.
(d) She wants him to guard the house.

11. What does Pharoah put on and spend thirty minutes grooming himself before the party?
(a) a green shorts set
(b) a white jogging suit
(c) a new Blackhawks jacket
(d) a new blue suit

12. What does Craig do when he sees some police officers?
(a) pulls out a gun
(b) falls to the ground
(c) panics and runs
(d) holds up his hands

13. Which child did LaJoe take with her to Terrence's trial?
(a) Pharoah
(b) Lafeyette
(c) Weasel
(d) Rochelle

14. What are some of the problems at the Chicago Housing Authority?
(a) terrible reputation and mismanagement issues
(b) racial prejudice and police brutality
(c) bureaucratic red tape
(d) lack of finitiative and no organization

15. What does Pharoah see that makes him stutter again?
(a) a rainbow
(b) a murder
(c) a police car
(d) an elephant

Short Answer Questions

1. What does LaJoe pin on her sweatshirt and wear for the rest of the day?

2. What incriminating thing had Derrick said to the truck owner at the stadium?

3. What causes Gwen Anderson to vomit in the basement?

4. Why do the families of the boys refuse to pay damages for the truck?

5. Why are some boys beating a man outside Horner Homes?

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