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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who threatens to bash LaJoe's head in because she ignores his flirtations?
(a) Keith, a man in his late forties
(b) a policeman
(c) the man who collects the rent
(d) Pharoah's new male teacher

2. Why is Lafeyette arrested?
(a) allegedly breaking into a truck near the stadium
(b) allegedly breaking and entering houses
(c) allegedly snatching a woman's purse
(d) allegedly selling drugs

3. What does Pharoah admit is his greatest fear?
(a) dying young
(b) snakes
(c) never seeing his family again
(d) going down to the basement

4. What does LaJoe witness that makes her put her foot down with Lafeyette?
(a) some boys selling drugs on the street
(b) some boys abducting a young girl
(c) some boys setting fire to a business
(d) some boys attempting a murder

5. After placing second behind Clarise, what really makes Pharoah happy?
(a) Lafeyette buys him an ice cream cone.
(b) LaJoe was there to see him.
(c) He has a blue ribbon to take home.
(d) He did not stutter during the contest.

6. Who is Clarise?
(a) LaJoe's cousin
(b) the smartest girl in Pharoah's class
(c) Rickey's bad sister
(d) Pharoah's new girlfriend

7. Why do LaJoe and Rochelle decorate the apartment?
(a) just to brighten up their lives
(b) a surprise birthday party for Pharoah
(c) Terrance is coming home
(d) for Christmas

8. What is different about Terrence's appearance at the trial?
(a) His hair had started turning gray.
(b) He looked older and scared.
(c) His heair is all shaved off.
(d) He had been lifting weights and is now very muscular.

9. What is it that Vince Lane does not know until the Horner residents inform him?
(a) the condition of the basement
(b) the heat in the winter
(c) the dangerous electrical wiring
(d) the number of murders

10. What is Pharoah's latest interest?
(a) girls
(b) politics
(c) writing
(d) medicine

11. What bad dream does Pharoah have after the sentencing of his older brother?
(a) Terrence falls from a cliff.
(b) Terrence confronts a monster that is chasing him.
(c) Terrence is swimming in the middle of the ocean;
(d) Terrence is carried away by a vulture.

12. Who is presiding over Terrence's trial for armed robbery?
(a) Judge Mahan
(b) Judge Dread
(c) Judge Roy Bean
(d) Judge Judy

13. Who makes up Rickey's gang?
(a) boys only thirteen- or fourteen-years-old
(b) mostly girls in the projects
(c) drug runners
(d) boys all older than he is

14. What is Lafeyette's sentence?
(a) a $500 fine and community service
(b) two years probation
(c) a year's probation and community service at the Boys Club
(d) six months in the detention center

15. Why are some boys beating a man outside Horner Homes?
(a) He was molesting one of the boys' cousins in a vacant apartment.
(b) He was an undercover police officer.
(c) They were trying to rob him.
(d) He was trying to sell drugs to young children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does LaJoe buy for them to eat downtown?

2. Who owns the luxury home with a marble staircase, sunken tub and Jacuzzi?

3. Who is the newly appointed housing manager of Horner Homes?

4. Who do they meet on the way and invite to join them?

5. Which child did LaJoe take with her to Terrence's trial?

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