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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pharoah think is at the end of the rainbow?
(a) a wonderland
(b) gold or leprechauns
(c) a doorway to the future
(d) a new place to live

2. Who threatens to bash LaJoe's head in because she ignores his flirtations?
(a) Keith, a man in his late forties
(b) a policeman
(c) Pharoah's new male teacher
(d) the man who collects the rent

3. What is it that Vince Lane does not know until the Horner residents inform him?
(a) the number of murders
(b) the condition of the basement
(c) the dangerous electrical wiring
(d) the heat in the winter

4. What is the subject of the poem Craig had written that haunts Lafeyette?
(a) about long life
(b) about angels
(c) about good citizenship
(d) about life and death

5. A week after Craig's funeral, what weather condition takes place?
(a) a heatwave
(b) a late snow
(c) a tornado
(d) a hail storm

6. What is Lafeyette's sentence?
(a) a year's probation and community service at the Boys Club
(b) two years probation
(c) six months in the detention center
(d) a $500 fine and community service

7. What is LaJoe able at last to make?
(a) a party for Dawn
(b) macrame wall decorations
(c) the last payment on used bunk beds for the children
(d) a chocolate cake

8. Who is presiding over Terrence's trial for armed robbery?
(a) Judge Dread
(b) Judge Judy
(c) Judge Mahan
(d) Judge Roy Bean

9. Which child did LaJoe take with her to Terrence's trial?
(a) Rochelle
(b) Pharoah
(c) Lafeyette
(d) Weasel

10. During the party, what does Dawn come running in to warn about?
(a) a fire in the next building
(b) gang activity going on in the next building
(c) a riot in the streets
(d) a police raid in the neighborhood

11. What does Pharoah put on and spend thirty minutes grooming himself before the party?
(a) a new Blackhawks jacket
(b) a white jogging suit
(c) a new blue suit
(d) a green shorts set

12. What is happening outside when Lafeyette doesn't move off the couch and continues to calmly watch television?
(a) a police raid
(b) a hail storm
(c) gunshots
(d) a fire

13. How does LaJoe see to it that the children have a good Christmas?
(a) by using her benefit money
(b) by putting gifts on layaway for months
(c) by borrowing money from her mother
(d) by playing cards to win money at night

14. How does Craig Davis earn his living?
(a) as a Boys Club counselor
(b) as a teacher
(c) as a gun dealer
(d) as a stock boy for a stationery company

15. When LaJoe tells Weasel, her oldest son, what the man did to her, what does Weasel do?
(a) He calls the police.
(b) He gets his gang to beat up Keith.
(c) He takes a gun and shoots Keith.
(d) He finds Keith and beats him up.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes up Rickey's gang?

2. Why do the families of the boys refuse to pay damages for the truck?

3. Where do Lafeyette and Pharoah get accepted?

4. What are some of the problems at the Chicago Housing Authority?

5. How does Lafeyette cope with his stress?

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