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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do LaJoe, Lafeyette, Pharoah and the triplets go to visit Terrence?
(a) the Cook County Jail
(b) MacDonald's
(c) the university
(d) the hospital

2. What had happened to Urica after her mother, her four-year-old sister, and her mother's boyfriend were killed?
(a) She was taken to LaJoe to care for her.
(b) She had hid under a box and the killers did not see her.
(c) She went into shock and could not speak.
(d) She was stabbed forty-eight times but miraculously survived

3. What is keeping Pharoah out of school?
(a) a teacher's strike that lingers for weeks
(b) a serious case of measels
(c) fear of gang members
(d) nothing to wear

4. Where does Pharoah want Lafeyette to take him?
(a) to the railroad tracks
(b) downtown Chicago
(c) to the school year
(d) up to Canada

5. What do Lafeyette, Pharoah and their friends do at Chicago Blackhawk and Bulls games?
(a) wash cars while attendees watch the games
(b) help park cars
(c) collect empty drink cans to recycle
(d) offer to protect parked cars for game attendees

6. What does the young man do with Lafeyette?
(a) collects snakes
(b) teaches him the guitar
(c) shows him how to deejay
(d) plays basketball with him

7. Why does Lafeyette not want to play basketball with the project boys?
(a) They are all older than he is.
(b) They cheat.
(c) They play too rough.
(d) They might try to recruit him into a gang.

8. What solidifies the friendship between Rickey and Pharoah?
(a) Rickey punches a bully who had been picking on Pharoah.
(b) Rickey saves Pharoah from getting hit by a bus.
(c) Rickey starts dating Pharoah's cousin.
(d) Rickey gives Pharoah his lunch money.

9. What can Pharoah do in his secret place?
(a) practice his spelling
(b) watch the girls jump rope
(c) play with puppies
(d) clear his mind of everything there

10. Who is the only one LaJoe tells about the situation with the welfare board?
(a) Paul
(b) Rochelle
(c) LaFeyette
(d) Terrance

11. Why did the vacancy rate at Horner increase?
(a) an increase in the number of murders
(b) rumors of planned gentrification
(c) old people kept dying off
(d) a typhoid outbreak

12. What happens to LaJoe at the welfare meeting?
(a) She is taken to jail.
(b) Her children are removed.
(c) Her benefits are cut off.
(d) She is taken to the hospital.

13. Who is Jimmie Lee?
(a) a policeman who really wants to do something for the project children
(b) a rock and roll singer who grew up in the Henry Horner Homes
(c) head of a drug gang called the Conservative Vice Lords whose members control Henry Horner
(d) a drug addict who terrorizes the children at Henry Horner projects.

14. What is going on when Pharoah and the triplets come home from school three days after Lafeyette's birthday?
(a) a family reunion
(b) a gun battle
(c) a surprise party
(d) painting the apartment

15. Who is the son LaJoe is closest to but who disappoints her the most?
(a) Terrence
(b) Pharoah
(c) Lafeyette
(d) Paul

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does LaJoe send the boys to stay with her mother a few miles west?

2. How do Lafeyette and Pharoah refer to the escalating gang wars and gun battles?

3. What treats does LaJoe buy for the children?

4. What gives Pharoah a headache at the jail?

5. Why do the police take the boys close to their home and drop them off with a stern warning?

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