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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is LaJoe's childhood friend?
(a) Rochelle
(b) LaBelle
(c) Lila Mae
(d) Raquel

2. Who did LaJoe meet at a dance hall when she was only thirteen, pretending to be sixteen?
(a) Terrance
(b) Paul
(c) Rickey
(d) Jimmie Lee

3. With everyone moved back into the apartment, how many does LaJoe now have to feed?
(a) three adults and thirteen children
(b) thirteen adults and children
(c) four adults and six children
(d) two adults and twelve children

4. What do the boys use to hunt for garter snakes?
(a) railroad spikes
(b) a crowbar
(c) a cat
(d) spades

5. What type of person is Rickey?
(a) a kind boy everyoe likes
(b) a bully and troublemaker in school
(c) a small, frightened boy
(d) a bookworm like Pharoah

6. Who is Jimmie Lee?
(a) a policeman who really wants to do something for the project children
(b) a drug addict who terrorizes the children at Henry Horner projects.
(c) head of a drug gang called the Conservative Vice Lords whose members control Henry Horner
(d) a rock and roll singer who grew up in the Henry Horner Homes

7. What occurs with LaShawn and her two children, boyfriend, and boyfriend's brother ?
(a) They help LaJoe move out of Horner.
(b) They steal LaJoe's food stamps.
(c) They are all killed in a gang war.
(d) They all move into the Rivers' apartment.

8. Why is eight-year-old Urica Winder in court?
(a) as a front for a gang
(b) as a shoplifter
(c) as a child prostitute
(d) as a witness to murder

9. What solidifies the friendship between Rickey and Pharoah?
(a) Rickey punches a bully who had been picking on Pharoah.
(b) Rickey gives Pharoah his lunch money.
(c) Rickey starts dating Pharoah's cousin.
(d) Rickey saves Pharoah from getting hit by a bus.

10. Why did the vacancy rate at Horner increase?
(a) rumors of planned gentrification
(b) old people kept dying off
(c) a typhoid outbreak
(d) an increase in the number of murders

11. Where do the larger boys play when they visit the railway tracks?
(a) on the tracks
(b) in an empty box car
(c) in the tall weeds
(d) under a box car

12. What happened to LaJoe's older sister?
(a) She got bone cancer and died.
(b) She got pregnant and ran away.
(c) She was murdered.
(d) She became a prostitute.

13. Where does Pharoah want Lafeyette to take him?
(a) downtown Chicago
(b) up to Canada
(c) to the railroad tracks
(d) to the school year

14. How does Pharoah think of the lush, grassy lawn around the condominium complex called Damen Courts?
(a) as a forbidden place
(b) as a dangerous place
(c) as his secret place
(d) as his worst place

15. What impediment gets worse in Pharoah after all the summer violence?
(a) his nightmares
(b) his lisp
(c) his limp
(d) his stutter

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the young man who entertains outside of Horner Homes?

2. What does Terrance claim loudly?

3. After Urica's testimony, how long does it take the jury to find Lawrence Jackson guilty of murder?

4. What does the young man do with Lafeyette?

5. Where does Bird Leg get food for his pets?

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