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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the teacher Lafeyette likes a great deal?
(a) Mr. Martin
(b) Miss Walker
(c) Mrs. Everage
(d) Mrs. Markham

2. What occurs with LaShawn and her two children, boyfriend, and boyfriend's brother ?
(a) They help LaJoe move out of Horner.
(b) They all move into the Rivers' apartment.
(c) They steal LaJoe's food stamps.
(d) They are all killed in a gang war.

3. How does James say they will all die?
(a) in a car wreck
(b) cancer
(c) by killing or plain out
(d) old age

4. Where does Pharoah go with Lafeyette and Rickey and some other friends?
(a) to the museum of modern art
(b) window shopping at discount stores on Chicago Avenue
(c) the the top of Horner Homes
(d) to visit Bird Leg's grave

5. Why do the boys hurry home from the tracks as the sun goes down?
(a) the area is too dangerous at night
(b) they might get lost
(c) their parents will be worried
(d) a train is coming

6. What gives Pharoah a headache at the jail?
(a) the guard's whistle
(b) a couple arguing
(c) a siren
(d) the clanging of doors

7. What seriously haunts Lafeyette?
(a) Bird Leg's death
(b) school homework
(c) the pressure to join a gang
(d) the boy who lost his legs

8. What does Lafeyette fantasize about having in the future?
(a) a job so his mother doesn't have to worry
(b) a Cadillac
(c) a white, wood-framed house
(d) a gun to shoot gang members

9. What is Pharoah entered in at school?
(a) his class spelling bee
(b) a mathematics contest
(c) a new PE class
(d) an accelerated learning class

10. Why is Pharoah's stutter much less noticeable?
(a) because he feels safe with Terrance at home
(b) because of the quiet after Jimmie Lee's conviction
(c) because he seldom speaks anymore
(d) because he is outgrowing it

11. What is it called when the gang members break a side window of a car at a stoplight and grab a purse or briefcase on the seat?
(a) break and take
(b) break and run
(c) smash and grabs
(d) hit and run

12. What has caused Pharoah to faint?
(a) deeing Bird Leg get shot
(b) snakes at the tracks
(c) getting too hot
(d) the sounds of gunfire

13. What is the nickname of the child Terrance fathered at age fourteen?
(a) Teddy Bear
(b) Rags
(c) Rabbit
(d) Snuggles

14. After Urica's testimony, how long does it take the jury to find Lawrence Jackson guilty of murder?
(a) one week
(b) one afternoon
(c) one day
(d) one hour

15. What do Lafeyette, Pharoah and their friends do at Chicago Blackhawk and Bulls games?
(a) collect empty drink cans to recycle
(b) offer to protect parked cars for game attendees
(c) wash cars while attendees watch the games
(d) help park cars

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the last word Pharoah is given to spell?

2. Who is the one person with whom Pharoah is comfortable?

3. How does Pharoah work on his stutter?

4. How old was LaJoe when she first came to the Henry Horner Projects?

5. Who is the son LaJoe is closest to but who disappoints her the most?

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