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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can LaJoe not defend herself well against the accusations?
(a) She has no transportation to the hearing.
(b) She is guilty.
(c) She has no education.
(d) She is too timid.

2. What event caused riots in the area around the Blackhawk stadium?
(a) the death of Robert Kennedy
(b) the Chicago riots at the Democratic convention
(c) the Kent State shootings
(d) the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

3. What evidence is there that Pharoah is comfortable in a classroom?
(a) He makes everyone laugh.
(b) He stutters less.
(c) He sits on the front row.
(d) He has no trouble breathing.

4. What is keeping Pharoah out of school?
(a) nothing to wear
(b) a teacher's strike that lingers for weeks
(c) fear of gang members
(d) a serious case of measels

5. How does James say they will all die?
(a) by killing or plain out
(b) cancer
(c) in a car wreck
(d) old age

6. Why did the vacancy rate at Horner increase?
(a) an increase in the number of murders
(b) old people kept dying off
(c) a typhoid outbreak
(d) rumors of planned gentrification

7. What prison sentence was given to Jimmie Lee?
(a) twenty years without parole
(b) the electric chair
(c) life in prison
(d) the maximum term of thirty years

8. What did a friend do for the family?
(a) gave Lafeyette a job
(b) bought some groceries
(c) bailed Terrence out of jail
(d) helped LaJoe get her welfare back

9. What type of person is Rickey?
(a) a bully and troublemaker in school
(b) a bookworm like Pharoah
(c) a small, frightened boy
(d) a kind boy everyoe likes

10. What seriously haunts Lafeyette?
(a) the pressure to join a gang
(b) school homework
(c) the boy who lost his legs
(d) Bird Leg's death

11. What do Lafeyette and Pharoah want from Terrence?
(a) the name of his gang leader
(b) the key to his foot locker
(c) a promise he will not come home
(d) him to come home

12. What solidifies the friendship between Rickey and Pharoah?
(a) Rickey saves Pharoah from getting hit by a bus.
(b) Rickey punches a bully who had been picking on Pharoah.
(c) Rickey gives Pharoah his lunch money.
(d) Rickey starts dating Pharoah's cousin.

13. Who is Jimmie Lee?
(a) a rock and roll singer who grew up in the Henry Horner Homes
(b) a policeman who really wants to do something for the project children
(c) head of a drug gang called the Conservative Vice Lords whose members control Henry Horner
(d) a drug addict who terrorizes the children at Henry Horner projects.

14. With everyone moved back into the apartment, how many does LaJoe now have to feed?
(a) three adults and thirteen children
(b) four adults and six children
(c) thirteen adults and children
(d) two adults and twelve children

15. How do the people at Horner Homes call Urica?
(a) the lucky one
(b) a liar
(c) the rat
(d) the miracle child

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two main threats to the safety of Lafeyette and Pharoah at the Henry Horner Homes?

2. Where does Pharoah go with Lafeyette and Rickey and some other friends?

3. How does Pharoah work on his stutter?

4. What becomes stressful to LaJoe to the point of sleepless nights and severe headaches?

5. What had happened to Urica after her mother, her four-year-old sister, and her mother's boyfriend were killed?

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