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Alex Kotlowitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pharoah worry about as he prepares for the contest?
(a) his clothes
(b) his stutter
(c) his pronunciation
(d) his memory

2. Who is LaJoe's childhood friend?
(a) Lila Mae
(b) LaBelle
(c) Raquel
(d) Rochelle

3. What does Lafeyette fantasize about having in the future?
(a) a job so his mother doesn't have to worry
(b) a gun to shoot gang members
(c) a Cadillac
(d) a white, wood-framed house

4. When another person is killed, why do Lafeyette and Pharoah refuse to go to the funeral?
(a) They had made plans to go to the tracks.
(b) They are still raw from Bird Leg's funeral.
(c) They had nothing good to wear.
(d) They did not like the dead boy.

5. What prison sentence was given to Jimmie Lee?
(a) life in prison
(b) twenty years without parole
(c) the maximum term of thirty years
(d) the electric chair

6. What do Lafeyette, Pharoah and their friends do at Chicago Blackhawk and Bulls games?
(a) wash cars while attendees watch the games
(b) offer to protect parked cars for game attendees
(c) help park cars
(d) collect empty drink cans to recycle

7. Why will Pharaoh not wear his nylon jacket with the Blackhawk logo?
(a) Several boys have been murdered for their jackets.
(b) The logo is almost falling off.
(c) It has a big hole in it.
(d) It is old and faded.

8. How has Lafeyette's attitude toward Rickey changed?
(a) He comes to accept him as Pharoah's friend.
(b) He is more suspicious of him than ever.
(c) He decides to threaten Rickey.
(d) He never thinks of him any more.

9. Why will Jimmie Lee not let Horner project boys join his gang and even warns them to stay away from drugs and gangs?
(a) because they are too young
(b) because he only uses boys from other projects
(c) because the Horner boys are too undernourished
(d) because of his love for children

10. What do the boys use to hunt for garter snakes?
(a) a cat
(b) spades
(c) a crowbar
(d) railroad spikes

11. What did a friend do for the family?
(a) helped LaJoe get her welfare back
(b) bought some groceries
(c) bailed Terrence out of jail
(d) gave Lafeyette a job

12. When Rickey and Lafeyette shoplift, what are they unaware of?
(a) an alarm system when someone takes without paying
(b) a policeman standing at the front door
(c) a security camera in the back room
(d) a manager pretending to be a customer

13. What seriously haunts Lafeyette?
(a) Bird Leg's death
(b) the boy who lost his legs
(c) school homework
(d) the pressure to join a gang

14. What solidifies the friendship between Rickey and Pharoah?
(a) Rickey gives Pharoah his lunch money.
(b) Rickey punches a bully who had been picking on Pharoah.
(c) Rickey saves Pharoah from getting hit by a bus.
(d) Rickey starts dating Pharoah's cousin.

15. What does Lafeyette hear someone was doing when he got his legs run over by a train?
(a) walking on the railroad ties
(b) hopping a moving box car
(c) hunting for snakes
(d) sleeping

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Bird Leg killed?

2. What does Pharoah bury outside the projects?

3. What do the children call the Henry Horner Homes?

4. What makes Pharoah feel uncomfortable on Chicago Avenue?

5. What becomes stressful to LaJoe to the point of sleepless nights and severe headaches?

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