Daily Lessons for Teaching There Are No Children Here

Alex Kotlowitz
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Lesson 1

Objective: Summer 1987, Chapter 1 | Summer 1987, Chapter 2 The student will identify the Rivers family with emphasis on Lafeyette, Pharoah, and LaJoe, describing the living conditions at Henry Horner Homes. The student will introduce the theme of gang violence and the fear that the Rivers family lives under constantly.

1. The teacher should lecture on the author, the subjects, and the times (1988-89). Quickly go through chapters 1 and 2 (18 pages) and highlight important passages for the class.
2. For class discussion: (1) Looking at Lafeyette, how is the title of the book so appropriate? (2) Discuss pathos in the actions of the boys' looking for pet snakes. (3) Discuss how deprivation is illustrated in the things the boys find to entertain themselves with. (4) Discuss rumor and suspicion between the races and classes of people as illustrated by the fears of the boys as well as the passengers on the train. (5) Compare living with constant gang wars...

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