There Are No Children Here Fun Activities

Alex Kotlowitz
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Rushing Gossip

This is the old party game where the first person is given a written statement to read for just a moment. Then that person whispers the information to the next student who passes it on to the next and so on until the last student stands and repeats what he or she has just been told. The the original statement is revealed and compared with what went around the room. This game will accentuate the effect of rumor that circulates freely in Lafayette's and Pharoah's society.

Watch the Film

THERE ARE NO CHILDREN HERE is available on a DVD movie starring Oprah Winfrey. Get a copy and watch it in class.

Invite an Expert

Invite a social worker, a pastor, or a rabbi to come to class and discuss social work in your community.

Hold a Spelling Bee

Conduct a spelling bee in class to get...

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