There Are No Children Here Character Descriptions

Alex Kotlowitz
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Pharoah Rivers

One of the two main characters in the book, he is nine-years-old when the story begins.

Lafeyette Rivers

A lean boy, he is the fourth oldest child in his family but is the oldest boy consistently living at home.

LaJoe Rivers

She is the thirty-five-year old mother of eight children.

Paul Rivers

This man is the children's father who used to work but drugs have destroyed much of his life.

Terrence Rivers

This character lectures his brother on the importance of getting an education and staying away from gangs.

LaShawn Rivers

This character drops out of school at an early age and works as a prostitute from time to time to support her drug habit.


This person, also known as Weasel, has served time for burglary and is not home often.

The Triplets

These children who are often present and under Lafeyette's care when their...

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