There Are No Children Here Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alex Kotlowitz
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Summer 1987, Chapter 1 | Summer 1987, Chapter 2

• This is the true story of two brothers living in the Henry Horner projects of Chicago over a two-year period.

• The first chapter details a trip to the railway tracks and points out how mundane events become exciting adventures for underprivileged children.

• Chapter 2 introduces the Rivers family and the impoverished community and housing project where they live.

• The constant threat of gang violence and fear are introduced.

Summer 1987, Chapter 3 | Summer 1987, Chapter 4

• The projects were pleasant and comfortable when families first moved in as opposed to now when 6,000 families crowd the buildings and things are falling apart.

• Lafeyette is somber for an 11-year-old boy as he tries to avoid being forced to join a gang and simply wishes he could go to heaven.

• Jimmie Lee, the drug lord and gang leader, visits the projects. He is a complex character operating outside the law yet strangely...

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