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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What remains after colonialism ends?
(a) Revolutionary violence
(b) National unity and equality
(c) The disparities of wealth
(d) Loyalty to the colonial power

2. The colonial middle class lacks what?
(a) Leaders
(b) Loyalty
(c) Contentment
(d) Wealth

3. What does the middle class seek at any cost to avoid?
(a) Exploitation
(b) Risks
(c) Wealth
(d) Injustice

4. What word does not describe the rediscovered native culture?
(a) Violent in expression
(b) Rash
(c) Colorful
(d) Serene

5. Fanon suggests that American blacks had little in common with blacks from places like the Congo except for what?
(a) Their relation with whites
(b) Their slave status
(c) Their culture
(d) Their economic status

Short Answer Questions

1. The true native art begins to grow when the artist address whom?

2. The Arab world threw off which culture in the 1960s?

3. Fanon proposes that programs and services for youth be attached to what department?

4. Every project undertaken by the government must respond to what?

5. The farm workers come to know the value of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to the national political party and the militants who started the revolution?

2. How does the new middle class treat the farm workers?

3. What do the people do when they realize the leader's true motives? What does the leader do?

4. What is the rediscovered native culture like?

5. What do the colonialists believe about natives? How do they view the natives?

6. What is the new petty bourgeoisie like?

7. What should those who are about to throw of colonialism realize?

8. What things threaten the delicate veneer of national consciousness?

9. What does Fanon say about the comparison between blacks in the United States with those in Africa? How are they similar and different?

10. Why is a uniform national prosperity far from a reality?

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