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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Colonialism has infused the native culture with what?
(a) Fear of the past
(b) The culture of the colonial country
(c) Distrust of anything new
(d) The culture of other native groups

2. The farm workers come to know the value of what?
(a) The status quo
(b) The middle classes' leadership
(c) The colonialists' grapes
(d) Their own native soil

3. When farmland in Algeria was turned over to farm workers, how much did the output increase?
(a) It decreased by ten percent
(b) Doubled
(c) It stayed the same
(d) Tripled

4. The resuscitation of the native culture helps to rekindle what?
(a) Apathy
(b) Poverty
(c) Wealth
(d) Hope

5. What country installed a fascist government after its revolution?
(a) Canada
(b) China
(c) Chile
(d) Puerto Rico

Short Answer Questions

1. Once the colonial power realizes that any reforms will not satisfy the natives, what does it do?

2. The government in Algeria expects people to work hard so who will profit?

3. The reaching out of native intellectuals toward the native culture is an attempt to find what?

4. What does the middle class demand from the farm workers?

5. Which group poses a particular challenge for the post-colonial society?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is there not a single black culture in the world?

2. What should those who are about to throw of colonialism realize?

3. How does the discovery of one's own indigenous culture affect the artist or writers?

4. What does Fanon say about the comparison between blacks in the United States with those in Africa? How are they similar and different?

5. When can the beginnings of an authentic African culture begin?

6. How does the Arab world demonstrate the awaking of culture? What happened?

7. According to Fanon, why is there a danger that national unity will disintegrate?

8. How can nations bypass the problems that may occur after the revolution?

9. Why does the colonial power implement programs and reforms? What should the rebels realize about these?

10. What do the colonialists believe about natives? How do they view the natives?

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