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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the colonial society, who holds the power?
(a) The poor
(b) Colonists
(c) Natives
(d) Young people

2. Fanon suggests that any concessions offered are a result of what?
(a) A desire to give the natives power
(b) The native struggle
(c) The benevolence of the colonists
(d) Communism

3. The native finds that who tries to resist and block reform?
(a) The intellectual elite
(b) Those in rural areas
(c) The workers
(d) Simple folk

4. Fanon argues that decolonization is always what type of struggle?
(a) Profitable
(b) Peaceful
(c) Violent
(d) Futile

5. Wise rebel leaders recognize the importance of what?
(a) Retreat
(b) Peace
(c) Compromise
(d) Education

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon argues that the suppressed anger of the natives will turn to what?

2. What does Fanon call the rural people?

3. Fanon argues that the colonial powers may change tactics by lightening their military presence and do what?

4. In preparing to overthrow the colonial powers, the native will face threats from whom?

5. The indigenous people value what according to Fanon?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fanon believe that dance relates to the oppression of colonialism?

2. How do the colonial powers try to combat the revolution?

3. What should the natives remember about any concessions that they are offered?

4. What political route does Fanon encourage post-colonial societies to take instead of capitalism? Why?

5. What actions do the leaders of the movement need to do in order to keep the movement going?

6. Why is educating and indoctrinating the groups that have joined the rebellion important?

7. Why is the colonizing nation not interested in violence against the native peoples?

8. Why are the lumpenproletariat so important for the revolutionary movement?

9. Where is the most spontaneous and explosive force for the revolution found, according to Fanon? Why is this?

10. What is the biggest mistake that rebel political movements make in underdeveloped countries? Why?

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