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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wise rebel leaders recognize the importance of what?
(a) Education
(b) Peace
(c) Compromise
(d) Retreat

2. The birth of a new order can only come from what according to Fanon?
(a) The oppression of the natives
(b) A new ruler in the colonialist structure
(c) The disintegration of the colonialist structure
(d) Giving up all violence

3. What can carry the movement in the first few days, but not later on?
(a) Hope
(b) Spontaneity
(c) Determination
(d) Strategies

4. Fanon argues that colonialists are skilled at exploiting the rift between which two groups?
(a) Old and young
(b) Workers and the poor
(c) Urban and rural dwellers
(d) Men and women

5. Fanon states that what cannot sustain the revolution?
(a) Disgust and determination
(b) Malice and mainstreaming
(c) Resentment and revenge
(d) Anger and apathy

Short Answer Questions

1. National revolutionary political parties usually show what toward rural peasants?

2. In indulging in the "fraternal bloodbath," the native distracts itself from confronting what?

3. What advantage does the colonial power have over the rebel?

4. Political parties may be inexperienced at organizing what?

5. What will the initial period of euphoria be replaced with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is educating and indoctrinating the groups that have joined the rebellion important?

2. What actions do the leaders of the movement need to do in order to keep the movement going?

3. How is the colonialist likely to react after the initial period of euphoria? Give an example from the reading of the reaction.

4. What situations or obstacles may threaten the movement? Why?

5. Who tries to block or resist the native/rebel, according to Fanon?

6. Why is the colonizing nation not interested in violence against the native peoples?

7. What is the biggest mistake that rebel political movements make in underdeveloped countries? Why?

8. Why do the colonial powers seek to create a divide between the rural and urban areas?

9. What obstacle do rebel leaders face in contacting the rural peasants about the movement? Why is it there?

10. How does Fanon believe that dance relates to the oppression of colonialism?

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