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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sustains the rebel cause?
(a) Power and greed
(b) Love and peace
(c) Determination and courage
(d) Fear and apathy

2. What will the native people abandon once the fight for freedom begins?
(a) Their government
(b) Rituals
(c) Violence
(d) Singing

3. The native settler may believe that who will punish the transgressor of social norms?
(a) The UN
(b) Zeus
(c) Spirits
(d) Native rulers

4. As the native population approaches the stage of decolonization, Fanon argues that they go through a phase of what when they think of the task of throwing off the colonial power?
(a) Anger
(b) Acceptance
(c) Fear
(d) Apathy

5. Who reinforced the colonialists in the rural areas?
(a) Children
(b) Local chiefs
(c) Immigrants
(d) Rural peasants

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon suggests that any concessions offered are a result of what?

2. White settlers view the increase in violence as proof of what?

3. Which of the following words describes the colonial society according to Fannon?

4. In the colonial society, who holds the power?

5. The settlers see the natives as what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the rebel leaders flee to the countryside? What happens to the movement?

2. What is the colonial system like for native peoples?

3. How is the colonialist likely to react after the initial period of euphoria? Give an example from the reading of the reaction.

4. How is the colonialist bourgeoisie aided by religion?

5. How does Frantz Fanon's approach differ from Martin Luther King's?

6. How do the colonial powers try to combat the revolution?

7. What are the earliest stages of the rebellion like?

8. What actions do the leaders of the movement need to do in order to keep the movement going?

9. Why is educating and indoctrinating the groups that have joined the rebellion important?

10. Why do the colonial powers seek to create a divide between the rural and urban areas?

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