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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Colonialists will try to drive wedges between different groups of natives based on differences in tribal affiliation, ethnic differences and what?
(a) Attractiveness
(b) Geography
(c) Gender
(d) Home ownership

2. The mass killings of natives by settlers happen because of what?
(a) Anger
(b) Apathy
(c) Surprise
(d) Fear

3. Who do the national revolutionary political parties assume are too bogged down for the message of liberation?
(a) Urban individuals
(b) Colonial powers
(c) Rural peasants
(d) Intellectual elites

4. Why does the colonizing nation have no interest in violence with native peoples?
(a) The colonizing country knows that they will be defeated in battle.
(b) The colonizing nation relies on the government of the native peoples.
(c) They consume goods imported from the colonizing country.
(d) The colonizing country has the natives best interest at heart.

5. Fanon argues that the suppressed anger of the natives will turn to what?
(a) Mass migration
(b) Traditional religions
(c) Violence
(d) Acceptance

Short Answer Questions

1. The settlers believe the natives are incapable of what?

2. What must the native do to reclaim his humanity?

3. Indigenous people become what in their own lands under colonialism?

4. What will the initial period of euphoria be replaced with?

5. What advantage does the colonial power have over the rebel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What situations or obstacles may threaten the movement? Why?

2. How does Fanon believe that dance relates to the oppression of colonialism?

3. What are the earliest stages of the rebellion like?

4. What is the biggest mistake that rebel political movements make in underdeveloped countries? Why?

5. What actions do the leaders of the movement need to do in order to keep the movement going?

6. Why is educating and indoctrinating the groups that have joined the rebellion important?

7. What happens as the native approaches the stage of decolonization?

8. Why does native-on-native violence increase?

9. How does Frantz Fanon's approach differ from Martin Luther King's?

10. How do the colonial powers try to combat the revolution?

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