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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the national revolutionary political parties assume are too bogged down for the message of liberation?
(a) Colonial powers
(b) Rural peasants
(c) Intellectual elites
(d) Urban individuals

2. Who was the colonial power in Angola?
(a) Portugal
(b) France
(c) Norway
(d) England

3. The settlers believe the natives are incapable of what?
(a) Stupidity
(b) Repression
(c) Ethics
(d) Danger

4. According to Fanon, what will be swept away in the first spontaneous rush of hope?
(a) Fear of death
(b) Colonial rule
(c) Ancient feuds
(d) Oppression

5. Why do the criminal acts by natives against natives rise?
(a) To spite the white settlers
(b) To hurt other people
(c) The settlers force them to commit these acts
(d) They vent their frustrations on one another

6. In preparing to overthrow the colonial powers, the native will face threats from whom?
(a) Outside threats
(b) Nature
(c) Other natives
(d) Colonialist police

7. Colonization robs the native of what?
(a) Love
(b) Ability to serve
(c) Danger and excitement
(d) Human rights

8. Fanon suggests that the act of colonization is accompanied by what?
(a) Knives and guns
(b) Acceptance and commitment
(c) Apathy and uncaring
(d) Fanfare and celebration

9. National revolutionary political parties usually show what toward rural peasants?
(a) Interest
(b) Compassion
(c) Violence
(d) Indifferance

10. Fanon argues that what resembles possession by otherworldly spirits?
(a) Illness
(b) Death
(c) Dance
(d) Religion

11. Who helped the British colonial forces drive back young Kenyans?
(a) United States foreign aid workers
(b) Russian forces
(c) Christian missionaries
(d) Kenyan elders

12. What sustains the rebel cause?
(a) Power and greed
(b) Determination and courage
(c) Fear and apathy
(d) Love and peace

13. What does Fanon call the rural people?
(a) Lumpenproletariat
(b) Urbanites
(c) Bourgeoisie
(d) Intellectual elite

14. The rebel movement may rely on what in the urban areas?
(a) Labor unions
(b) Intellectuals
(c) Government officials
(d) Upper class

15. Fanon argues that the suppressed anger of the natives will turn to what?
(a) Traditional religions
(b) Acceptance
(c) Mass migration
(d) Violence

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon argues that the successful movement has to move from slogans to what?

2. Fanon suggests that rural peasants may resent whom?

3. In indulging in the "fraternal bloodbath," the native distracts itself from confronting what?

4. Which colonial power controlled Congo?

5. What will the native people abandon once the fight for freedom begins?

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