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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which colonial power controlled Congo?
(a) Portugal
(b) France
(c) Belgium
(d) Germany

2. When the native become discontent with the settlers' society, what does the native rediscover?
(a) The strengths of his own culture
(b) The strengths of migration
(c) The strengths of the settlers' society
(d) The strengths of the government

3. Which major nations recognized the importance of peace during the Cold War?
(a) The United States and Russia
(b) Iran and Iraq
(c) France and Algeria
(d) The United States and Korea

4. The native finds that who tries to resist and block reform?
(a) The intellectual elite
(b) Those in rural areas
(c) The workers
(d) Simple folk

5. Rebel leaders are called upon to articulate a clear what?
(a) National vision
(b) Religious doctrine
(c) Creed
(d) Slogan

6. Colonialists will try to drive wedges between different groups of natives based on differences in tribal affiliation, ethnic differences and what?
(a) Home ownership
(b) Attractiveness
(c) Gender
(d) Geography

7. Natives know that only what can free them?
(a) Violence
(b) Hope
(c) Education
(d) Negotiation

8. Fanon suggests that the act of colonization is accompanied by what?
(a) Knives and guns
(b) Apathy and uncaring
(c) Acceptance and commitment
(d) Fanfare and celebration

9. Wise rebel leaders recognize the importance of what?
(a) Retreat
(b) Compromise
(c) Education
(d) Peace

10. Who do the national revolutionary political parties assume are too bogged down for the message of liberation?
(a) Colonial powers
(b) Intellectual elites
(c) Urban individuals
(d) Rural peasants

11. Indigenous people become what in their own lands under colonialism?
(a) Rulers
(b) Strangers
(c) Caretakers
(d) Beneficiaries

12. The native settler may believe that who will punish the transgressor of social norms?
(a) Zeus
(b) Spirits
(c) The UN
(d) Native rulers

13. Fanon argues that the successful movement has to move from slogans to what?
(a) Soundbites
(b) Sleep
(c) Strategies
(d) Showdowns

14. What advantage does the colonial power have over the rebel?
(a) Less equipment
(b) More wealth
(c) More poverty
(d) Fewer resources

15. The mass killings of natives by settlers happen because of what?
(a) Fear
(b) Anger
(c) Apathy
(d) Surprise

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon suggests that any concessions offered are a result of what?

2. Fanon argues that the colonial powers may change tactics by lightening their military presence and do what?

3. What will the initial period of euphoria be replaced with?

4. The psychiatrist says that the native-on-native violence is a form of what?

5. Fanon argues that what resembles possession by otherworldly spirits?

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