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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Pitfalls of National Consciousness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fanon attribute the wealth and progress of Europe to?
(a) Abandoning colonialism
(b) The toil and sacrifice of natives
(c) Their superiority
(d) The resources in Europe

2. The new middle class that occurs is what, according to Fanon?
(a) Loyal to the colonialists
(b) Counter-revolutionary
(c) Poor
(d) Unhappy with their position

3. What tactic did the rebel leaders in Angola turn it after the savage counter-attack?
(a) Non-violent protests
(b) Guerrilla warfare
(c) Boycotts
(d) Nuclear attack

4. The battle between the colonizers and the colonized grows out of what?
(a) Inequality
(b) Justice
(c) Fairness
(d) Dishonor

5. The rebel movement may rely on what in the urban areas?
(a) Upper class
(b) Intellectuals
(c) Labor unions
(d) Government officials

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon argues that colonialists are skilled at exploiting the rift between which two groups?

2. The post-colonial middle class begins to act as what?

3. The indigenous people value what according to Fanon?

4. What is behind the violence for the natives, according to Fanon?

5. Some natives will have what because they have been allowed into the elite of colonialist society?

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