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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Pitfalls of National Consciousness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What may rural peasants guard?
(a) The roads to the cities
(b) Their stores of wealth
(c) Tribal and folk customs
(d) The secret to their successes

2. How should the post-colonial nation avoid the open hostility between the masses and those in power?
(a) Leave the colonial power in control
(b) Supress the masses
(c) Give the power to the bourgeoisie
(d) Bypass the rise of the bourgeoisie

3. Fanon suggests that the act of colonization is accompanied by what?
(a) Apathy and uncaring
(b) Fanfare and celebration
(c) Knives and guns
(d) Acceptance and commitment

4. The indigenous people value what according to Fanon?
(a) Competition
(b) Community
(c) Individualism
(d) Self-reliance

5. Fanon argues that the involvement of the people will do what to the movement?
(a) Stagnate the movement
(b) Create tribal tensions
(c) Speed it up
(d) Slow it down

Short Answer Questions

1. The natives realize that they have been what by colonialism?

2. Why does the colonizing nation have no interest in violence with native peoples?

3. Fanon argues that the successful movement has to move from slogans to what?

4. Who reinforced the colonialists in the rural areas?

5. Wise rebel leaders recognize the importance of what?

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