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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Spontaneity: Its Strength and Weakness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The settlers see the natives as what?
(a) Capable of reform
(b) Beasts
(c) Honorable
(d) Sad creatures

2. The natives realize that they have been what by colonialism?
(a) Taken on a ride
(b) Ignored and forgotten
(c) Given better lives
(d) Cheated and exploited

3. Fanon suggests that rural peasants may resent whom?
(a) Those who fled to the cities
(b) Other rural peasants
(c) Those in their communities
(d) Revolutionaries

4. White settlers view the increase in violence as proof of what?
(a) The evil nature of humans
(b) The settlers' effect on society
(c) The inferiority of the natives
(d) The need for gun control

5. The native finds that who tries to resist and block reform?
(a) The workers
(b) Those in rural areas
(c) Simple folk
(d) The intellectual elite

Short Answer Questions

1. A 1947 rebellion by rural peasants occurred where?

2. Who reinforced the colonialists in the rural areas?

3. What sustains the rebel cause?

4. Political parties may be inexperienced at organizing what?

5. Why do local chiefs and tribal potentates side with the colonialists?

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