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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Spontaneity: Its Strength and Weakness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fanon argues that the colonial powers may change tactics by lightening their military presence and do what?
(a) Promote unity between the native peoples
(b) Use nuclear weapons
(c) Placate the rebels
(d) Let another colonial power take over

2. The rebel movement may rely on what in the urban areas?
(a) Labor unions
(b) Intellectuals
(c) Upper class
(d) Government officials

3. What will the native people abandon once the fight for freedom begins?
(a) Their government
(b) Singing
(c) Violence
(d) Rituals

4. Colonialists will try to drive wedges between different groups of natives based on differences in tribal affiliation, ethnic differences and what?
(a) Gender
(b) Home ownership
(c) Geography
(d) Attractiveness

5. Fanon argues that the successful movement has to move from slogans to what?
(a) Sleep
(b) Soundbites
(c) Showdowns
(d) Strategies

Short Answer Questions

1. What will the initial period of euphoria be replaced with?

2. What sustains the rebel cause?

3. The settlers see the natives as what?

4. Political parties may be inexperienced at organizing what?

5. Colonization robs the native of what?

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