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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Concerning Violence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the advantage in the hands of the colonialists when violence does occur?
(a) Their military might
(b) They are smarter
(c) They have the ideal of freedom on their side
(d) They know the land better

2. Fanon argues that the suppressed anger of the natives will turn to what?
(a) Mass migration
(b) Traditional religions
(c) Violence
(d) Acceptance

3. Why does the colonizing nation have no interest in violence with native peoples?
(a) The colonizing country knows that they will be defeated in battle.
(b) The colonizing country has the natives best interest at heart.
(c) The colonizing nation relies on the government of the native peoples.
(d) They consume goods imported from the colonizing country.

4. The battle between the colonizers and the colonized grows out of what?
(a) Inequality
(b) Fairness
(c) Dishonor
(d) Justice

5. What is behind the violence for the natives, according to Fanon?
(a) The dream of overthrowing the oppressor
(b) A need to let off steam
(c) The knowledge that nothing will change
(d) The acceptance of the situation

Short Answer Questions

1. Which major nations recognized the importance of peace during the Cold War?

2. Fanon argues that what resembles possession by otherworldly spirits?

3. The natives realize that they have been what by colonialism?

4. Colonization robs the native of what?

5. Fanon suggests that the act of colonization is accompanied by what?

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