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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Pitfalls of National Consciousness.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fanon call the rural people?
(a) Bourgeoisie
(b) Urbanites
(c) Lumpenproletariat
(d) Intellectual elite

2. As the movement progresses, national consciousness begins to fall prey to what?
(a) Loyalty to the colonialists
(b) Regional and tribal interests
(c) Demands from other countries
(d) Selfishness

3. As the native population approaches the stage of decolonization, Fanon argues that they go through a phase of what when they think of the task of throwing off the colonial power?
(a) Fear
(b) Anger
(c) Acceptance
(d) Apathy

4. The colonial middle class lacks what?
(a) Leaders
(b) Contentment
(c) Loyalty
(d) Wealth

5. What did American black militants refer to the process of the colonialist bourgeoisie calling for non-violence and for the native to come to a reconciliation?
(a) Assimilation
(b) Peaceful negotiation
(c) Selling out
(d) Nationalism

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helped the British colonial forces drive back young Kenyans?

2. When the native become discontent with the settlers' society, what does the native rediscover?

3. The farm workers come to know the value of what?

4. Which colonial power controlled Congo?

5. What remains after colonialism ends?

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