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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, On National Culture.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fanon suggests that the post-colonial government needs to be most concerned with what?
(a) Its own profit
(b) Reducing crime
(c) Perpetuating the nation
(d) The empowerment of its citizens

2. The authentic artist hopes to create something of value for whom?
(a) Colonialists
(b) His countrymen
(c) The intellectual elite
(d) Royalty

3. The second phase in the rediscovery of native culture is marked by what?
(a) A demonstration that the colonial culture has been learned
(b) A cooptation of colonial culture
(c) A break from the colonial culture
(d) Learning the colonial culture

4. What advantage does the colonial power have over the rebel?
(a) Less equipment
(b) Fewer resources
(c) More poverty
(d) More wealth

5. How will the colonists react to the rebel actions?
(a) Concede more governmental representation
(b) Retreat until they can regroup
(c) Militaristic action
(d) Give up and go home

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon describes be-bop music as a music of what?

2. The first phase for the native writers and artists is what?

3. Fanon suggests that rural peasants may resent whom?

4. Why do local chiefs and tribal potentates side with the colonialists?

5. Fanon proposes that programs and services for youth be attached to what department?

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