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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, On National Culture.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The rediscovered native culture is often what?
(a) Peaceful
(b) Dead
(c) Boisterous
(d) Subtle

2. The conflicts in the country may cause the manifestations of what?
(a) Modernization
(b) Individualism
(c) Racial discrimination
(d) Pacifism

3. Fanon argues that colonialists are skilled at exploiting the rift between which two groups?
(a) Old and young
(b) Men and women
(c) Urban and rural dwellers
(d) Workers and the poor

4. The native artist or writer discovers that their true vocation is to do what?
(a) Work in the government
(b) Support colonialism
(c) Create pieces for the colonialist
(d) Depict the contemporary real world

5. The post-colonial middle class expects to serve as the intermediary between which two groups?
(a) International corporations and the native population
(b) International corporations and the colonial power
(c) The UN and the native population
(d) Natives and the new colonial power

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the colonial power in Angola?

2. What does the middle class seek at any cost to avoid?

3. The government in Algeria expects people to work hard so who will profit?

4. What tactic did the rebel leaders in Angola turn it after the savage counter-attack?

5. Which colonial power controlled Congo?

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