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Chapter 1, Concerning Violence

• Fanon describes colonization as pure violence, often including brutality on the part of one group to another.

• In colonialism, the native is robbed of his civil, economic, and human rights.
• A complete upheaval of colonialism can only occur after a struggle between the colonialists and the natives.

• The colonial system has inherent inequalities in power, wealth, and resources.
• The colonialist develops dehumanizing language and attitudes toward the native people.

• The colonialist settlers force the natives to assimilate to the culture of the mother country.
• As the native population approaches decolonization, a period of apathy arises as the native population realizes the work ahead of them.

• The native tries to adapt and assimilate, bu this ends in frustration and anger.
• Native-on-native violence increases, as they take their frustrations at the colonialists out on each other.

• The native population also copes through dance and cultural forms, which...

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