The World's Religions Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Huston Smith
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Chapter I, Point of Departure, | Chapter II, Hinduism, | Chapter II, Hinduism, What People Want,

• Important notes about the book in order to understand the author's intended point of view.

• Leading up to the overview of Hinduism, Huston Smith discusses Robert Oppenheimer and Mahatma Gandhi.

• The first level of Hinduism is pleasure seeking which involves the pleasure-pain receptors with which everyone is born.

• Those who get beyond seeking pleasure begin to sense there is something more.

Chapter II, Hinduism, What People Really Want, | Chapter II, Hinduism, The Beyond Within, | Chapter II, Hinduism, Four Paths to the Goal,

• What people want includes spiritual ideas of infinite being, infinite awareness, and infinite bliss.

• The Atman (God within) remains hidden until actively sought after, and the human self is never complete until the Atman-Brahman (Godhead) is accounted for.

• Western thought suggests getting as far away from imperfection as possible; whereas, Hinduism avows...

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